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house of commons.

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Q: Canada's parliament consists on the queen the senate and the ..?
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How does elizabeth the second have to do with Canada?

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Canada in an entirely separate role than her role as the Queen of England. She has a role in Parliament, although she is usually represented by a Governor General.

What if queen Katherine of aragon only child was a boy instead of a boy?

If Queen Catherine's only child was a boy there wouldn't have been Reformation parliament or the Supremacy act. Also England wouldn't have had its first queen aka Queen Mary.

What is the Senate in Canada?

An attempt to limit tyranny of the majority by giving equal representation to all members, all nations, of Confederation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, Canada has a Senate. The Senate is the Upper House of the Parliament of Canada. Whereas the House of Commons (the Lower House) is an elected chamber, the Senate consists of 105 persons appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the prime minister. Bills must be passed in identical form by the House of Commons and the Senate before they can be presented for Royal Assent to become law. Based on the principles of responsible government, the Senate cannot introduce or amend money bills in such a way that would increase taxation or newly-appropriate public money.

When was the new Australian Parliament House opened?

Construction of the first Parliament House in Canberra, which was only ever intended to be temporary, began in August 1923 and the building was officially opened on 9 May 1927. Construction of the New Parliament House began in 1981, and the House was finally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 9 May 1988, the anniversary of the opening of both the first Federal Parliament in Melbourne (9 May 1901), and of the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra (9 May 1927).

How is the Canadian constitution amended?

For a few types of constitutional amendments that relate only to the administration of the Parliament of Canada (for example, a constitutional amendment to revoke a certain type of parliamentary privilege), the Parliament of Canada can enact the change without any provincial involvement. (The Senate has an absolute veto over any such constitutional amendments.)For most types of constitutional amendments, the Senate and Commons pass the amendment, and seven out of ten provincial legislatures (for provinces that represent at least 50% of the population of the provinces at the time) must pass resolutions that agree to the amendment. (The Senate can only block such a constitutional amendment for up to one hundred eighty days, should the Commons and provincial legislatures agree.)For some types of constitutional amendments that make changes to key institutions (for example, changes to the Queen, the Governor General, or the Lieutenant Governors), the amendment must not only be passed by the Senate and Commons, but all ten of the provincial legislatures. The refusal of the amendment by any one of the provinces would defeat the constitutional amendment. (The Senate can only block such an amendment, as above, for one hundred eighty days.)

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What is composition of parliament house?

Parliament House consists of two house - the Upper House, or Senate, and the Lower House, which is the House of Representatives. Australia is ruled by a partial monarchy- we have a Prime Minister, but the Queen is still the Head of State.

How many people in Parliament?

The Parliament of Canada consists of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada (represented by the Governor General), the appointed Senate (comprised of 105 senators), and the House of Commons (comprised of 308 members of the House).

How many people are in the Australian Parliament?

301 The Queen, The Senate, The House 1 Queen 150 in The Senate 150 in The House (this fluctuated some, but since 2002 has remained 150)

Which arm of the government in Australia has the power to interpret and apply the laws?

Federal laws are made by the federal parliament, which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate (and technically, the Queen), a piece of legislation can start in either house, but both must pass it before it can become law.

What are the 3 parts of Australian Parliament?

nThe Queen, who is represented in Australia by the Governor-General nThe House of Representatives nThe Senate

What are the Three parts of Parliament in Canada?

Parliament of Canada is comprised of the House of Commons (elected members of Parliament), the Senate (Senators appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the prime minister), and the Queen of Canada (Her Majesty's representative is the Governor General). These three components together form Parliament.The three parts of Parliament are the Queen, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

How many members of legislative assembly in Canada?

The Parliament of Canada consists of the Queen (represented by the Governor General), an Upper House (the appointed Senate), and a Lower House (the elected House of Commons). The Senate has 105 senators, and the House of Commons has 308 members.

What are the the three parts of the Parliament?

The three parts of Parliament are The Queen, The House of Commons and The Senate.

Where does the queen sit in the Parliament Canberra?


What is the name of Austrian parliament?

Parliament House is the home to the Senate (Upper House, Red) and the House of Representatives (Lower House, Green) and of course, the Queen (in England). The colours of the House of Representatives and the Senate, are not the traditional green and red, however they are a very Australian-based green (based on the Eucalyptus Trees) and red (based on the Outback soil).

What does Australia parliament consist of?

Parliament of Australia consist of three component which is the queen(head of state) , senate(upper house) and the house of representatives(lower house). Australia's parliament is based on westminster system and is made up of two houses which is upper and lower and also known as Bicameral system .

When did Queen's County - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Queen's County - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1885.