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New Hampshire

New Hampshire, a name derived from that of the county of

Hampshire, in England,

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Q: Capt John Mason named you after his home county in England in 1629?
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When was George Mason I born?

George Mason I was born on 1629-06-05.

Who found New Hampshire in New England?

the colony that became the state of New Hampshire was founded on the division in 1629 of a land grant given seven years previously by the Council for New England to Captain John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges (who founded Maine). The colony was named New Hampshire after the English county ofHampshire, one of the first Saxon shires. Hampshire was itself named after the port of Southampton, which was known previously as simply "Hampton".

Who were the founders of New Hampshire?

John Mason in approximately 1629.

What state as a colony was named for a king of England?

The most widely-hunted and most colorful duck in North America (the Carolina Duck) was also named for King Charles I of England, who had the American Province of Carolina named after him in 1629.

When did the first explorers come to New Hampshire?

Captain John Mason came in 1629.

Who did King Charles grant a huge tract of land north of the Chesapeake Bay to?

My sources say it was to Sir Fernando Gorges and John Mason. In 1629, Mason took the land between the Piscataqua and Merrimack Rivers, and named it New Hampshire; Gorges took the Northern part and named it Maine. *George Calvert

Who explored New Hampshire?

In 1614, John Smith explored what is now New Hampshire. By 1623, settlers founded New Hampshire's first permanent non-Indian town. Today that town is Hover. John Mason named New Hampshire in 1629 after Hampshire, England. In 1641, it was part of Massachusetts, but by 1680 it was made a colony by New England

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The English Press was founded in by a man named William Claxton in 1476 in the town of Westminster. However, the first titled newspaper was not published until 1629.

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1629 Charles King of England 1 gave he Puritans permission to settle in this state?


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