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Compare the views of desmoulins and does each one understand the use of state force?

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Q: Compare the views of Desmoulins and Robespierre How does each one understand the use of state force what does Robespierre mean by the war of liberty against tyranny How does Desmoulins percive liberty?
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What club did the Reign of Terror belong to?

The Jacobins. The Reign was mostly controlled by Maximilien Robespierre and, in the begining, Georges Danton, but he was killed by Robespierre after he spoke out against him.

Why did Robespierre believe the use of terror against his enemies was necessary?

Robespierre wanted more terror so he could influence the people of France into agreeing with him. He wanted a republic.

Was Robespierre against the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?

Absolutely Not. He was the one who started most of it!

What did Robespierre mean when he warned put yourself on guard against your generals?

I don't know.... but I love myself

Which group killed Robespierre?

Robespierre was a leader of "les montagnards", a hard-line group in the French assembly. "les montagnards" (the mountaineers) were named such because they occupied the upper seats in the assembly room.

Why is his reign referred to as reign of Terror?

It is because Robespierre executed many people who were suspected of being against the revolution.

What ended the reign of terror?

Main reasons: * CGS and CPS against Robespierre * Robespierre lost support of Sans-Culottes by executing main leaders, disbanding armless revolutionaries. * Prior supporters turned against Terror - Danton * Growing extremism, even though war improved

Why did people eventually turn against Robespierre?

One of the reasons people turned against robspierre is because he was a french radical who took over the government in France during unstable time.

Why did Robespierre help lead the revolution against the king?

He was in favor of the revolution and republic

What did Robespierre do?

Robespierre brought the Reign of Terror to France opposing anybody who was against the French Revolution. He killed between 16,000-40,000 people but eventually people were afraid of getting their heads cut off so he was arrested and executed by the guillotine.

How was Robespierre finally forced from power?

His fellow politicians.

How did robeespierre's methods turn against him?

Robespierre's methods turned against him due to his increasing radicalism and use of extreme violence during the Reign of Terror. This led to opposition within the National Convention and among his former allies, who feared his unchecked power. Robespierre's downfall came during the Thermidorian Reaction, when he was arrested and executed along with his key supporters on July 28, 1794.