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Lord protector and defender of the Realm.

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Lord Protector

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Q: Cromwell's title when he ruled England was?
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What was oliver cromwells title when he ran the country?

1st Lord Protector

What group returned to England because of Cromwells policies?

Either the Quakers or the Jews.

Who ruled England in 1350?

Edward III ruled England in 1350. He ruled England from 1 February 1327 to 21 June 1377.

Who ruled England in the year 1?

it is queen Regant who ruled England in year 1

What was Oliver Cromwells new job title?

I seem to remember that it was Lord Protector of the Realm, as he would not allow himself to be crowned as a king. This answer needs to be verified.

Why was oliver cromwells rule like of an absolute monarch?

The generals of his own army ruled the twelve districts of England. He tore up constitutionalist documents. He closed down pubs, brothels, theaters, art houses, and more. He held absolute power and did not use Parliament. someone answered this on Yahoo answers

Who ruled England Scotland and Wales in 1500?

Scotland was ruled by James IV of Scots. England and Wales was ruled by Henry VII of England (note that Wales was officially administered by the King of England's eldest son).

The man who ruled England when there was no king or queen?

Oliver Cromwell ruled England when there was no king or queen from 1649-1660

What did Victoria do?

she ruled england

Who ruled England in 1387?

Richard ii (21 June 1377 - 29 September 1399) ruled over England

Is it true the Carolina colony was owend and ruled by the king of England?

in 1663 the carolina colony was it owned and ruled by the king of england

Who ruled England in 1843?

In 1843, England was ruled by the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irreland, Queen Victoria.