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Early attempts to abolish slavery began in the 18th century. The attempts were marginally successful because slave trading was outlawed in 1807. The South, however, had too much economic sway for slavery to be completely abolished until after the Civil War.

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Q: Describe one of the earliest attempts to abolish slavery and explain why it was unsuccessful?
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Why was the earliest attempt to abolish slavery unsuccessful?

The earliest attempts to abolish slavery were the abolitionist movements that started in the 1750s. This proved unsuccessful because people did not want to give up their slaves and laughed at the idea. This continued to be unsuccessful because Thomas Jefferson, the owner of slaves himself, didn't wish to include provisions in the Constitution.

What was the earliest attempts to abolish slavery?

One of the early attempts to abolish slavery was the raid at Harper's Ferry. John Brown led a Provisional Army of 19 men to raid the government's weapons supplies and suppliers. John Brown believed that the raid would awaken the people's view on slavery and help abolish it. You can google some more information on him and the raid.

Who led the most attempts to abolish slavery the colonial period?


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What group of people wanted slavery to be elimanated?

The term "abolitionist" was used to describe people who wan=ted to abolish slavery around the world.

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William Wilberforce worked to abolish the slave trade.

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Abolitionists wanted to abolish slavery.

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We must abolish slavery in the world.

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