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She feared her because Elizabeth was more popular and a Protestant at heart.

She loved Elizabeth as a baby and sang to her and buy clothes for her. She always did, she offered her a place with her, when the Seymour scandal was going around. She embraced her sister in front of the whole of London and gave her the place of heiress in her Coronation process, she did a awful lot, but Princess Elizabeth dislikes and mistrusted her mercy and kindness and conspired against her with English noblemen, English commoners, the French ambassador and magicians. She could have had her executed for high treason and heresy if she wanted to. Princess Elizabeth was more unkind to Queen Mary then the other way around, she tried to get rid of her sister, by magic, foreign armies and civil war, I believe Queen Mary hated her sister in the end, when out of spite and revenge Princess Elizabeth seduced her husband, the only joy she had in her reign. I hoped that helped!

Mary was actually more popular than Elizabeth, it was actually the Protestant Propaganda under Elizabeth's reign that gives people the idea that she was such an unpopular monarch.

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Q: Did Bloody Mary hate Queen Elizabeth?
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Why did bloody mary hate Queen Elizabeth?

They were brought up in different faiths. Mary saw Elizabeth as a threat.

Why did bloody Mary hate elizabeth?

elizabeth is more popular than mary1

Why did Philip hate elizabeth 1?

Because one day Mary Queen of Scots came to England and she was a Catholic. The Catholics believed that she would be a better Queen than Elizabeth so people tried to kill Elizabeth so that Mary could take over England. In the end Mary was assassinated by command of Elizabeth.

Did Queen Elizabeth I hate her sister?


Why does Mary hate protestants?

I'm catholic and so Mary Saint Mary? where did you hear that at that is not true ~ I think that they mean Queen Mary of Scots. I don't know why but her sister Queen Elizabeth 1 didn't like Catholics but Mary was Catholic. She may have done so to spite her sister.

Did queens Mary and Elizabeth like each other?

Yes they were- that is why Elton composed a variation of 'Candle In The Wind' dedicated to Diana after her death in a car crash in Paris in 1997. He was devastated when she was killed, it was a big shock to him.

What monarch did King Phillip hate?

Queen Elizabeth I.

Why didn't Queen Elizabeth get along with Mary Queen of Scots?

According to the right of succession, Mary Queen of Scots was in line to succeed Elizabeth, since Elizabeth had no children. Mary was Catholic, so Elizabeth had her imprisoned and executed. When Elizabeth died, Mary's son James did indeed succeed to the throne, uniting the crowns of Scotland and England, but he did not favor his Catholic subjects. The Gunpowder Plot was the result of their bitter disappointment over this. See also the related question link below.

Why did Mary I hate Elizabeth I?

because she, and the catholics of England and Spain believed that Elizabeth was an illegitimate queen. they wanted a catholic queen and because Elizabeth was protestant, the easiest way to have a catholic country was to kill Elizabeth and make Mary queen.

Did Edward and Bloody Mary hate each other?

i heard the had a good relation ship

What did king Philip of Spain hate?

elizabeth 1st for not accepting her hand in marriage as well as killing mary queen of scots. Philip wanted England back so he proposed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth said no because of religion wise. Elizabeth was Protestant and Philip was Catholic.

Did Queen Elizabeth 1 of England hate plays?

History suggests that Queen Elizabeth I loved plays. She attended several during her reign.