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Etienne Brule (circa 1592 - circa June 1633) was the first of European French explorers to journey along the St. Lawrence River with the Native Americans and to view Georgian Bay and Lake Huron in the 17th century.

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Q: Did Etienne Brule discover anything
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What were etienne brule's parent's names?

Horstough Brule and Tooty Brule

What country was etienne brule born in?

Etienne Brule was born in France in 1592. He was likely born at Champigny-sur-Marne.

What was the country of origin of Etienne Brule?

France. He was born in 1592 in Champigny-sur-Marne

When did Etienne Brule die?


When did Etienne Brule start exploring?


What did Etienne Brule wear?

he wore stuff

What was etienne brule's nationality?

He is a French explorer.

Did etienne brule have any siblings?

There is limited information about Etienne Brule's family, but it is believed that he had at least one brother named Louis Brule. Louis Brule was a French fur trader and explorer who also spent time in the New World.

Why did Etienne Brule want to be an explorer?

Etienne Brule wanted to be an explorer to seek adventure, wealth, and fame. He desired to discover new lands and establish trade routes, as well as to gain knowledge about different cultures and people. Additionally, exploring allowed him to escape the constraints of his society and experience freedom in the wilderness.

Who was etienne brule's sponsor?

maybe a king

Etienne Brule's claim to fame?

Etienne Brule was, as far as we know, the first European to see Lake Ontario and the first European to explore the Toronto area (1615).

Where was Etienne Brule born?

Historical accounts of Brule's death vary. Some say that having escaped from capture by the Seneca Iroquois, when he returned to join the Hurons, they believed that he had collaborated with the Iroquois and killed him. Brule accidentally killed a Huron Indian with an ax, then a fight broke out and he was killed in it. And then they ate him.