Did Jesus ever visit Australia

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Did Jesus ever visit Australia
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Did queen Victoria ever visit Australia?


Did Rome ever request Jesus to visit them?

There were numerous wandering preachers in Palestine during the time of Jesus, and John the Baptist and Jesus were just two of them There is no available evidence that the Romans had ever heard of Jesus, even after his crucifixion.

When is glee visiting Australia?

it is unknown wether glee will ever visit australia unless the do a 'round the world tour.

Did Jesus visit Hell after his crusifictionand?

Jesus didn't visit hell because he has no right. Jesus is perfect and sinless so he can't go to hell. And anyway, who ever goes to hell can never come out and will have to die forever.

Who was the pope before John Paul II to visit Sydney?

Pope Paul VI was the first pope to ever visit Australia. He visited Sydney in 1970.

How many wisemen went to visit jesus?

no 3 wise men visit Jesus

Can you visit the site where Jesus was crusified?

Yes you can visit the sight at Calvary.

Do you have to wear a hat when you visit Australia by law?

You do not have to wear a hat when you visit Australia. Some people choose to wear a hat based on the type of climate Australia is.

Why should people visit Australia?

people should visit Australia because it is a great place the relax and enjoy your life. Australia is also famous for its waves. :)

Why doesn't Jesse eisenberg come to Australia?

Because there is absolutely no reason for him to ever go there. In fact, there is no reason for any American actor to visit Australia unless they're doing a movie that takes place in Australia. Or, of course, if they have family in Australia, then that would be a reason to visit, but as far as I know, Jesse doesn't. So, if I were you, I would stop asking obvious questions. Good day to you, sir or madame.

Was Jesus Christ ever called Micheal?

No Jesus was never ever called Michael.

How do you use Australia in sentence?

I am planning a trip to Australia next year to visit the Great Barrier Reef.