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Besides the movie, it's true that there was a real "man in the iron mask" and is even mentioned in the Memoirs of Mme du Barry. He is disputed to be either the Duc de Vermandois, a twin brother of Louis XIV, or an elder brother of Louis XIV. However, it should be noted that the "Iron Mask" wasn't an iron mask at all. It was a simple mask of black velvet.

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No, just fiction, only child

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Q: Did King Louis 14th really have a twin brother Phillipe The man in the Iron Mask?
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Who were the first to dance ballet?

King Louis the 14th and a really old vagonava dance school in Russia.

Who was french king in 1702?

Louis the 15th, who reigned from 1715 to 1774. He was the great-grandson, and the successor, of Louis the 14th.

Who were Louis the 14th and Marie Antoinette?

They had no relationship at all. She was married to King Louis XVI.

What is the magnificent palace built for Louis the 14th?


When was Louis the eighth executed?

Louis XIII of France lived from May 14th, 1610 to May 14th, 1643, dying on his 33rd birthday. He actually died of Tuberculosis.

What is the name of the royal house that Louis the 14th lived in?

Louis XIV lived in the Palace of Versailles.

What french king was know as the SUN KING?

Louis the 14th

Who appointed jean talon?

King Louis XIV (14th)

Who was the king of France at the time of the fench revolution?

Louis the 14th.

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Is Vermont really the 14th state?

Yes it is the 14th US State.

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To entertain King Louis __ of France in the early 1500s. It was King Louis the 14th.