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The day the revolution was "born", was on the 14th of July 1789 (with the storming of the Bastille). Louis XVI noted in his diary: Rien (= nothing).

The so-called diary was in fact a log, in which Louis XVI would record the number and species of the animals killed by the Royal Hunt on any given day (he was an excellent horseman and avid sportsman) and sometimes other equally brief notes on various topics. It was never meant as a political or personal diary. The "Nothing" entry on the 14th of July simply means that there was no hunt on that day, or that no animal was killed.

Furthermore, we should not forget that the storming of the Bastille occurred in the afternoon. Paris was in an uproar. Leaving the city was difficult and dangerous. The news did not reach Louis XVI and Versailles, ten miles away, until nighttime. By then, it must have been the least of the King's worries to amend the entry in his diary.

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Q: Did Louis XVI write anything in his diary when the day of the revolution started?
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