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No, they did not want to join Confederation. However, John Hamilton Gray, of PEI, was in favour.

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No not really

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Q: Did PEI want to join confederation in 1864?
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Who was affected when PEI joined Canada and why did PEI join Canada?

PEI did not enter Confederation with the other Canadian provinces in 1867 (Canada East and Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia) mainly because it was scared of not being represented fairly. The local government on the island was afraid (due to the very popular rep. by pop. system) that it would have no say if it were part of Canada as a whole. PEI did not join confederation until July 1st, 1873. * ** *** **** *** ** * Also, one of the reasons that PEI joined confederation is that PEI was owned mostley by British landlords witch means that settlers couldn't own their land. To get PEI to join confederation The United Province of Canada promised that they would buy the land off of the British. that is why PEI joined confederation. * ** *** **** *** ** * Also, P.E.I didn't want to join Confederation at first because P.E.I is an island, and the railroads connecting Canada didn't really matter to them, what they needed was a railroad connecting places in P.E.I, but that was mentioned in the Seventy-Two Resolutions. It was only suggested and promised in 1866, but by then it was too late.

When did Ontario join Canada?

The independent Eastern Canadian colonies of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia chose to become Canada in 1867. PEI and Newfoundland joined later on. In 1870 the UK transferred ownership of the mostly uncolonized land known as Rupert's Land to Canada from the Hudson's bay company. After this, war's were fought to subjugate the mixed European and native Metis peopled societies that had emerged in Rupert's land unofficially, and a compromise regarding this led to the emergence of Manitoba and later around the turn of the century Alberta and Saskatchewan were settled by Europeans and Eastern Canadians, so they were always part of Canada and didn't have to join the federation. BC joined in 1871 of its own accord.

What group of Islands is PEI in?

Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada's smallest province, is in the Gulf of St Lawrence, about a dozen miles or so off the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but it is not part of any group of islands.

When did PEI become part of Canada?

Prince Edward Island joined Canada in 1873 as a province.

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What is Charlottetown known for?

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Most commonly known as the Birthplace of Confederation. In 1864, representatives from the British North America and the Province of Canada met to discuss the confederation of Canada. Ironically, PEI was the only one of the maritime provinces that opposed confederation and did join until 1873.

Why did Newbrunswick join Canadian confederation?

Well, originally, New Brunswick wanted to join with Nova Scotia and PEI in a Maritime Union, but when John A. McDonald and George Brown got themselves in invited to the meetings, they persuaded Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to join Confederation. PEI did NOT join at this time because they felt no need.

Is PEI the birthplace of Confederation?

Yes, Fredericton PEI

What day year and month did PEI join Canada?

Prince Edward Island joined Confederation on July 1, 1873.

Was P.E.I with or against the confederation?

Pei was against confederation....

Where did confederation of British Columbia take place?

The answer is PEI at 1867. They take the PEI .

What are the reasons for PEI join confederation?

At the time PEI had a number of options. 1. Jin Canada 2. Join the United States 3. Become an independent nation 4. Remain a British Colony To make a long story short, Canada offered PEI the better deal.

Who rejected confederation?

PEI and Newfoundland ... i think

When was the PEI confederation bridge made?


Why did Newfoundland and PEI reject Confederation?

Newfoundland rejected confederation in 1869 because it preferred to remain a self-governing British colony due to concerns about losing control over its fisheries and potential financial burdens. Prince Edward Island rejected confederation in 1864 due to similar fears about losing control over local affairs and being burdened with the colony's debt.

Why did PEI join confederation?

I don't believe PEI did, as it was part of Canada, and not the USA. PEI joined confederation as the 8th province. Previously the people had refused to join due to fears of unequal representation, as well as a clear lack of political and economic advantage, since most of their trade was with the USA. They finally agreed in order to abolish absentee landlordism, as well as the debt that the province had accumulated, which would be shouldered by the Canadian Government.

Who wanted Canada confederation?

Many great Canadians wanted Confederation. For Canada West (Ontario) George Brown and John .A. Mcdonald led them to Confederation. For Canada East (Quebec) George Cartier led them. Nova Scotia was led by Charles Tupper. New Brunswick was led by Leonard Tilley. They were the 1st 4 provinces to join confederation. PEI and Newfoundland did not want to join. Newfoundland was the last to join in 1949.