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No, Because if they were boys would of distracted the girls or maybe opposite.

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Q: Did Victorian children boys and girls get taught together?
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What did Victorian children learn at home?

Victorian children were taught basic literacy and numeracy at home, often by a governess or tutor. They also learned etiquette, religious studies, and moral values. Girls were typically educated in domestic skills like sewing and cooking.

Did Victorian boys and girls learn the same subjects?

No, Victorian boys and girls did not learn the same subjects. Boys were typically taught subjects like Latin, mathematics, and science, while girls were often taught skills like needlework, music, and basic arithmetic. Education was not seen as important for girls in the same way it was for boys during the Victorian era.

What kind of dangerous jobs Victorian children have?

flower girls

What lessons did the children have in Victorian time?

they did the 3 r's: reading,writing,arithmetic. they did singing. girls also did sewing.

How were rich Victorian children educated?

they got teached the 3 Rs- reading,writing and arithmetic

What jobs did children do in Victorian times?

Boys would have worked on farms and in chimneys but girls worked in sewing factories.

When was The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls created?

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls was created in 2009.

Why did girls and boys do different thing at school in Victorian times?

Yes, the boys and the girls were separated in classes.

What were some wealthy girls taught in colonial times?

Weathy girls were taught the same as the other girls. They were taught to knit, sew,...

What did rich Victorian girls where at the workhouse?

rich Victorian girls didn't go to the workhouse so that's the end of that question

The role of children in the ojibwa tribe?

The Blackfoot children were taught not to cry as soon he or she was born because a crying baby could attract enemies. The children were taught to watch and learn from the adults about their duties and responsibilities at an early age. The boys were taught to be hunters and warriors and the girls were taught to be homemakers. The children learned stories about their traditions, the creatures, and the earth so they could pass the stories on to their children. In the children's play time they mocked the adults. Therefore the girls set up little tipis and the boys played with miniature bow and arrows and they learned to hunt birds, rabbits and prairie dogs.

What were girls taught in Victorian schools?

there education wasnt reall good because they had not alot of equimptment to use. And also they did not have alot of paper and books like we do in our times so the education was hard for them in Elizabethan times.But not not hard for us in our times THANK YOU for letting me give you the answers for your question i really apretiate i and i am sure that my friends and famo would to so thank and good night