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Valhalla was for half of the people who died in battle in NORSE mythology. Although there are similarities in Anglo-Saxon with their Gods (for example Woden) living in marbled halls, Valhalla wasn't part of their belief.

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Q: Did all anlglo Saxons go to valhalla?
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Are Anglo-Saxons Christian?

As with any group, individuals can vary. But speaking generally, yes, Anglo Saxons, for the most part, are Christians. But that also depends on how far back you want to go. Anglos Saxons at one time were pagans, just like Vikings, Danes, Jutes, and Celts. They worshiped a variety of gods. The island of Britain was populated by all sorts of Germanic, Nordic, and Celtic peoples anciently. Christianity arrived in the British Isles around 200 AD. It gained followers among all the different peoples that then lived in Britain (mainly those regarding themselves as Roman and the disparate tribes of what we now call Celts). With the loss of support from the Roman emperor around 400 AD, others groups invaded Britain to take control. Vikings, Danes, Jutes, Saxons, etc., all came in from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The Saxons came from Northern Germany and really took control of most of Southern England. Meanwhile, further north the Angles moved in and spread from the North Sea coast of east anglia across the midlands. Both mixed with the existing peoples and eventually united to become "Anglo Saxons" - Anglo became the origin of the word "English." By this time, Christianity was fairly well spread throughout Northern Europe and Britain, and would have been the dominate religion by the early middle-ages. In 1066 AD, William the Conqueror invaded England (not Britain) from Normandy in Northern France. William was a Norman and spoke Norman French. The French Knights that arrived with him were granted land across England, that formerly owned by the Anglo-Saxons Lords who had been killed. Over time, they too mixed with the local people and the English language emerged from the mix of foreign tongues. The term Anglo Saxon isn't really a racial distinction, and today, when you hear someone referred to as being Anglo-Saxon, it really means from English heritage - whatever that may mean. In the founding of America, many English people settled in the Northern states (i.e., New England area). These early settlers brought with them their traditions, language, and Christian faith. Most of the secondary wave of arrivals were Protestant people fleeing religious persecution in England. They were conservative and pious. They left a legacy of Protestant values that is still seen throughout the Northeast. In America the term Anglo-Saxon is used by some to identify people who came from the racial stock of those early English pilgrims that settled the New England area. It's a term that's both used positively and negatively. Those who are proud of their early pilgrim heritage look at being Anglo-Saxon as a positive thing. Those who view it negatively often associate it with being stuffy, conservative, pious, and old fashioned. Thus you get the term "WASP" which stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. However, to be a WASP is to be identified by your social economic status more than your genealogical origins. It is also used in European discussion as a description of a northern European, British-German view of economies, again this is referring to economic principles more than any racial description. Very few people use Anglo-Saxon purely as a national or racial term then. You can be French or Italian, but nobody really goes around saying they are Anglo-Saxon in the same sense. Anglo-Saxon is mainly a vague historical term if used purely for racial/ethnic distinction and today it is used more as a cultural distinction that has less to do with one's actual genealogy than with social economic appearance. So are all Anglo-Saxons Christians? That's like saying are all Bostonian's Christian? Some are, and some aren't. Statistically they're more likely to describe themselves as such, but a minority would actually go to church.

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Who get to go to Valhalla?

the vikings get to go to valhalla.

Is Valhalla real?

Valhalla is the hall of the slain, where the people who have died in battle go. A warrior's heaven if you will.

Where was the bravest of Norse go when they were killed?


What are Valkyries in Norse mythology?

Valhalla aka the Hall of The Slain is Odin's hall. Any warrior that died in battle would go to Valhalla. Valhalla was said to be completely made of shields and spears. Valkyries brought souls to Valhalla.

If you wish you could go somewhere were will it be?

Perhaps Valhalla. Dubai

Is Valhalla Greek or Norse mythology?

Valhalla is the place in Norse mythology where the honored dead go. Honored status is gained if the person in question died in battle.

What is Folkvagnr?

Folkvagnr is a field where half of the fallen warriors go (in Norse Mythology). The other half go to Valhalla.

What is the wiking religion?

To moosify people eg. Make a moose out of someone and in return you go to valhalla.

Where did brave warriors go when they died in Norse mythology?

The word was Valhalla. Vaguely similar to heaven.

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What is an Asgard?

Asgard (or Asgard, Asguard, Asgaard, Aasgaard, Aasgard, or Asgård ) comes from Norse Mythology. It is said to be one of the Nine Worlds and is the country or capital city of the Norse Gods. However normally Asgard and Valhalla go hand in hand. Valhalla is said to have Valkyries, battle maidens whom rertrevie fallen soldiers and bring to Valhalla.

Where do spirits go after a cross over?

to be hunted by the great warriors of midgaurd and valhalla that died a true warrior's death.