Did farmers build the pyramids

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well Funnaly enough THEY DID going back to the Egypt times the slaves were actullay 98% farmers so therefore yes they did.

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Q: Did farmers build the pyramids
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Related questions

Why is it the farmers job to build the pyramid?

We do not know who's job it was to build the pyramids.

Who made Egyptian pyramids?

the pharaoh gto the slaves and farmers to build them

Did the slaves or farmers build the sphinx?

From what i heard i believe the farmers built the pyramids and the Great Sphinx or Giza when there crops got flodded or had time.

Who did the actual labor to build the pyramids?

the farmers did most of the pyramid building come on you learn that in the 6th grade :|

What caused farm workers to build the pyramids?

the pyramids were usually built during winter and the farmers crops or farms didn't need that much attention. so st least they had something to do.

Were wedges used to build pyramids?

yes wedges were used to build a pyramids and it was used for braking the rocks or cut and so they can build a pyramids

Do they still build pyramids to this day?

No. People do not build pyramids any more.

Are there pyramids in Antarctica?

No. There is no population there to build pyramids.

Who would build the Egyptian pyramids?

The farmers during the dry season when there was no work on their farms, and they worked for the Pharaoh, provided for from the state granaries, as a form of dole.

Who did a role of building pyramids?

the farmers

Who did the Egyptians build the pyramids for?

The ancient egyptians build pyramids for the Egyptian pharoahs and kings.

What did the mayans use to build the pyramids?

Rossetta stone was used to build some of the pyramids.