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He met the Irquois when he went to North America

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Q: Did first nations meet Robert lasalle?
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What American Indians did Robert lasalle meet?

karanakawa, caddo, and quapaw

Where did lief meet the first nations?

Newfoundland, Canada.

How did martin frobisher meet the first nations?

yes he did

How did the First Nations meet Samuel de Champlain?

he sailed trying to find India but found Canada and the first nations

When did the league of nations meet for the first time?

1920 babes

When did the vikings meet the first nations?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

What aboriniganals did leif ericson meet in his voyage?

People of the First Nations (American Indians).

Did Henry Hudson meet the first nations?

Yes, he met the Iroquois

Who were the first nations people did christopher Columbus meet?

the first nation people he met was the indies.

What new cultures did leif ericson meet?

American Indians (First Nations).

When did The Assembly first meet?

The First General Assembly of the United Nations met on January 10th 1946. -------------------------

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