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No, only Gothic style architecture developed from the Gothic period. Fashion came later in the neo-gothic era.

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Q: Did gothic fashion come from the gothic period?
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What is a gothic period?

Gothic period refers to the movement in the Medieval ages against more standard forms of art and archirecture. There are three periods:Early English Gothic (1189 - 1272)Decorated Gothic (1272 - 1377)Perpendicular Gothic (1377 - 1547)

What period is the neo gothic period?


Is shadow gothic?

Shadow is not inherently gothic. Gothic typically refers to a style of architecture, fashion, or fiction that is characterized by its dark and mysterious elements. While shadows can be associated with darkness or mystery, they are not exclusive to the gothic aesthetic.

Why is the palace of Westminster Gothic?

The Palace of Westminster was built in the Victorian era and the architectural fashion at the time was to build mock Gothic buildings.

How did the Gothic art period end?

The Renaissance effectively ended the period of Gothic art. Gothic art was totally religious in nature, while the Renaissance promoted the rise of secular art.

Should a girl date a gothic boy?

It is stereotyped as eerie, mysterious, complex and exotic. A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress, typical gothic fashion includes colored black hair and black period-styled clothing. Both male and female goths can wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernail polish, most especially black.

In what ways does Gothic architecture display this time period as an Age of Faith?

In what ways does Gothic architecture display this time period as an Age of Faith

When was A relatively peaceful period when Chinese culture flourished?

The gothic period

What was the time period of gothic art?


How were people educated in the Gothic Period?


Who is the father of the gothic period?

Abbot Sugar

What is gothic art?

Gothic art began in the Medieval period with architecture and sculptures. Gothic art today is very different from the art back then.