Did nobles pay taxes

Updated: 8/18/2023
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They usually did not. They were however obliged to come out and fight for the king whenever he asked. They then had to bring along, and provide with arms a proscibed number of soldiers from their estates and for the duration of that war feed and pay them.

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Q: Did nobles pay taxes
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What taxes did french peasants pay to the nobles?


What was good when King John tried to raise taxes on the nobles?

Because when King John was around nobles didn't pay taxes so the porr had to pay loads, and they could not afford that.

Clergy and nobles did not pay these?

Taxes. During the old regime the Clergy (1st estate) and the Nobility (2nd estate) did not have to pay taxes, meaning the bourgeoisie (3rd estate) had to pay all the taxes.

Why did King John try to raise taxes on the nobles?

John raised the taxes so he culd get more money 4 armies as he lost to the French twice. He needed his armies to be stronger and sophisticated. And if the nobles couldn't pay up he would torture them until they gave what they had!

What were the causes of the french revolutin?

The causes of the french revolution is because of the rich and poor. The rich (nobles and kings) do not have to pay taxes. The poor (farmers and peasants) have to pay heavy taxes when they make so little. They got angry and then attack.

Where did the nobles during the french revolution get their money from?

the nobles received their money from the taxes that the third estate paid.

Why were nobles especially unhappy with john in 1215?

he raised taxes

What social groups were exempt from paying taxes?

The Clergy,and the Nobles

Does the estate pay taxes?

Estates pay taxes on income and may have to pay inheritance taxes.

Do state police pay taxes?

Yes, they pay taxes. If you work you pay taxes no exceptions.

What is his gross pay?

the pay before taxes net pay is after taxes

Why were the nobles espieically unhappy with john in 1215?

he raised taxes