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To end WWII.

President Truman was told that if the U.S. invaded Japan, the number of American casualties could exceed a million. The Russians were preparing to invade Japan and Truman did not want what was happening in Eastern Europe to happen in Japan. Therefore, it felt it would be best to end the war as quickly as possible.

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The United States created the atomic bomb during World War II to force the Japanese to surrender.

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Q: Did the US make the atom bomb for a reason?
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Did Albert Einstein become influenced by World War 2?

It was the other way around. Albert Einstein and another physicist influenced World War 2 when he wrote a letter to President Roosevelt telling him that the Germans were starting on an atom bomb. He suggested the US get an atom bomb made to stop the German Nazis. Roosevelt and his committee chose to follow Einstein's advice and the Manhattan Project was created as well as three atom bombs. However, Einstein disliked the thought of nuclear bombs being made and used. He knew the devastation it would cause. He also was leary of Humans using nuclear physics to create anything.

Why was the atomic bomb created?

To save millions more lives that would have been spent in a drawn out conventional war with imperial Japan, the scientists in the United States (ahead of Nazi Germany, who was also working on the atomic bomb) created the bomb to escalate the war with Japan. They ignored the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima, but the Empire of Japan decided they could not win and surrendered to the US shortly after a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Whose decision was it to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

== == The final decision was made by the US President at that time, who was Mr Truman.

What was the reason world war 2 was fought?

the reason was the Germans did not leave Poland so they had to declare war on Germany otherwise the Germans would attack us and take over us.

Why did they make the nuclear bomb?

The US, working with the British, developed the atomic bomb, as it was then called, because it was believed that Nazi Germany was well on the way to making one and it was necessary to be able to match them if they began to use, or threatened to use, such a weapon. As it turned out, the Germans had not been able to overcome technical as well as political problems and were never near to construction of an atomic bomb. Germany surrendered before the American/British effort had been completed. The bomb, once developed, was used on Japan to bring the Pacific war to a sudden end. While there has been subsequent controversy about whether the bomb should have been used on Japan, at the time there were very few people who were aware of the bomb's existence and capabilities and who thought it ought not to be used. Most of those few thought that a demonstration on an unpopulated location should be made first.

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Did the US make the atom bomb for a good reason?

Yes, because the Japanese wouldn't surrender for war

What changes did the US make after Pearl Harbor?

They dropped the atom bomb in nagsaki and hiroshima.

When did the US get the atom bomb?


Who was the us afraid would get the atom bomb first?

who was the u.s afraid would get an a atom bomb first

Did the us make the atomic bomb for a reason?

for defense in war, kind of a last resort

What three elements influenced the US decision to join World War 1?

1 reason was us want latest jet technology of germeny( nazi) 2 reason was us want defeat germany because he knows that germany work on atom bomb and if he make it he destroy all us after uk. 3 reason was that us want a new market for his weapons

In which year did the US drop the atom bomb on japan?


Did you drop a atom bomb on hiroshima?

If you mean the US, yes.

What was the atomic bomb made for?

the US originally began the project to make atom bombs to protect itself from the possibility that nazi germany might make them.

Did emperor hirohito approve on dropping the atom bomb on the US?

probably would have, but japan did NOT have the atomic bomb...........

What did the US drop on Japanese cities to end WWll?

Atom Bomb !! :)

How did the US get its nuclear or atom bomb?

Look up "The Manhattan Project"