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yes they did in buttcheekes

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Q: Did the french settle in Massachusetts?
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Did the Puritans first settle in Connecticut before moving to Massachusetts?

I think that the Puritans were the first to settle in Massachusetts

Where did the puritans settle in New England?


Who settle in Massachusetts's?


Where did the Puritans first settle in what state?

Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts.

When was Massachusetts settle?

Massachusetts was first settled by the Pilgrims in 1620.

Did the puritans first settle in Connecticut moving to Massachusetts?

no Massachusetts first

Why did the Plymouth settle in Massachusetts?

they had nothingbetter to do

Where did the puritans settle in England?


How did John winthrop settle in Massachusetts?

John Winthrop settled in Massachusetts to get away.

What area did puritans settle in Massachusetts?

the river

What year did the Puritans settle in Massachusetts?

In the 1600s

What year did the puritans settle in the Massachusetts colony?

They settled in Massachusetts BAy Colony in 1630.