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Yes they did

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Q: Did the leaders peacefully give in to the people's demands?
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Who were the political leaders during the Victorian Period? this will give you all the political leaders of the Victorian era. your welcome -rick

Why did the Treaty of Versailles cause problems?

The treaty of Versailles was an cause of the Holocaust. The demands placed on Germany in the treaty required the country to give lands back to the Allied forces or back to the people that had populated them, such as East Prussia which was supposd to be returned to Poland. In addition to this provision, the heartland of Germany also had to accept military forces being stationed throughout Germany to guard against another war for the following fifteen years. The central part of Germany was demilitarized.

Was Kaiser Wilhelm II against entering World War 1?

No: He expected Germany to be victorious. Are you kidding? Andrew Carnegie represented a huge Western consortium of major businesses when he offered Kaiser Wilhelm and Germany a multi-bllion-dollar package of aid to address his stated concerns regarding their parity with other Western European nations. The Kaiser thanked Carnegie, but then waxed on about the German peoples' historical grievances, etc. etc. And on another count, in the Balkans, the Serbs had aquiesced to the Austrian Hungarian rulers there on all but a few remaining points in demands which they had felt strongly about, having to do with preserving their ethnic identity. Even the Austrian & Hungarian leaders told Kaiser Wilhelm in the event that the Serbs could not realistically be expected to back down those last emaining positions, and still retain their honour. But the Kaiser demanded they give in on everything, and this as much as other causes led to war. Along with some historians, I suspect the Kaiser's interest in war was fueled by Britain's difficulties in defeating the Boers of South Africa (nearly 400,000 Brit troops to about 80,000 Boers). If you really wish to delve very deeply into root psychology behind this war, there are credible historians who point out the links going back nearly 300 years to the Thirty Years War, which devastated Germany and its population so badly that it took many generations to begin recovering.

Why did he give such a cruel proclamation?

We don't know who you are asking about so you need to give us a name.

What did catherine the great not intend to give up?

Catherine the great didn't intend to give up no power.

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What word means to to give into demands?

Concession or to concede.

What is List of demands with threats?

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What is the settlement that both sides give up demands?


What was the plan to meet Hitler's demands in Europe?

The plan the Allies did to give Hitler his demands was during the Munich conference and they gave him Czechoslovakia.

How do the present rulers react the people demand?

The present group of world leaders range from top leaders of democratic nations to nations that are run by dictatorships. And, all sorts of things in between. This means monarchies to religious run governments, where members of the clergy are also the political leaders. How these various types of leaders react to demands by their people depends on the amount of liberty each country has. Generally speaking, democratic leaders are more receptive to their peoples demands.

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Why were peole against appeasement?

A lot of people were against appeasement because it was viewed as giving Hitler what he wanted. Many felt that by continuing to give him what he wanted, his demands would escalate and he would perceive the other world leaders as weak and easily manipulated.

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What is the name give to rich peoples clubs?

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For the majority of normal peoples - no.

How can government help people in need?

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Can you give me a sentence with the word riot?

There was a riot on the street when the demands of the protestors were ignored by the government.