Did the silk roads bring disease?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The silk road didn't cause disease to occur but it did greatly contribute to its spread most famously with the black plague.

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Q: Did the silk roads bring disease?
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How many silk roads are there?

There are 33 roads on the silk road.

What economic changes did the silk roads bring to china?

It made china richer and brought many goods and ideas.

What Did china trade through the silk roads?


Who traded in the silk roads?

The Chinese

Where did the silk roads began?


Where is the silk roads located?


What did the silk roads promote?

The silk road promoted commodity and cultural exchange

What impact did the silk roads have on Asia?


How is the silk road like the roads today?

its NOT

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How does conventional historiography characterize the Silk Roads?

The silk roads are characterized by the persumed linkage between China and the Roman Empire by way of roads or routes which had trading along the way - silk, spice, etc. Along this route of trade was also ideologies and religions.

What did the Chinese trade on the silk roads?

SILK! among other things if it started in China then why do you think it is called the SILK road?