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Northern Renaissance: nation-states

Italy: city-states

Northern: strongly influenced by church

Italy: less influenced by church

Northern: began after Italy

Italy: began before Northern

Northern: focused on bible, church

Italy: focused on classics (Greek/Roman)

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A major difference between the Italian and Northern Renaissance has to do with the medium. Italy has a much warmer climate than Northern Europe so the painters of the Italian Renaissanceâ??s favored egg tempera cured well in it. The climate of Northern Europe did not mix well with egg tempera so northern European artists turned to and developed oil paints.

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In Northern Europe the Renaissance started later and also was less influenced by the Catholic church.

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One is Northern and the other is Italian :)

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Q: Difference between northern and Italian renaissance?
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What was happening in Europe in 1500s?

The end of the Middle Ages neared at the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. Spain was completing the Reconquista and Portugal began exploring the coast of Africa. The Black Death (bubonic plague) spread across medieval Europe between 1346 and 1350.

What is the difference between Elizabethan period and renaissance period?

The Elizabethan period happened in England during Queen Elizabeth 1's rule from 1558 to 1603. On the other hand, the Renaissance period started in Italy and later expanded to other parts of mainland Europe. It happened from fourteenth to seventeenth century.

What is the difference between an alliance and an entente?

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Why was Lorenzo de Medici known as the Magnificent?

Lorenzo de' Medici (1449-1492) was the de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic in the time of the Italian Renaissance. He was known to Florentines as Lorenzo il Magnifico, Lorenzo the Magnificent. He was a patron of scholarship and the arts and managed to keep a fragile peace between competing Italian states such as Venice and the Papal States. He ruled over a time known to Italians as the Golden Age.Within 2 years of his passing, the peace beween the Italian states came to an end, and shortly after that the French invaded Naples, beginning a period of occupation by France, Spain, or Austria for nearly four centuries.

What is the difference between the Croats and serbs?

Mainly the major difference between the two is that the Serbians are of the Eastern Orthodox Faith, and the Croatians are Catholics.

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What The difference between the northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance?

One is Northern and the other is Italian :)

How does the Northern Renaissance differ from the earlier Renaissance?

There were only two major Renaissances in Europe. There was the Northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance. If you want to know the differences, there is a link below to help you learn the difference between the two and what caused them to happen in different time periods.

What was the difference between northern and southern Renaissance?

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When was the period of the Italian Renaissance?

The Italian Renaissance period lasted between 1330 to 1550. The Italian Renaissance was one of the earliest forms of the European Renaissance that started a great cultural change.

Who was the father of the italian renaissance?

between 3 people: Raphelo, Caravagio, & leonardo

What are the differences between cubism pictures and renaissance pictures?

the difference between these is that renaissance pictures don't have cubes in and cubism pictures do!

What is the difference between renaissance and baroque architecture?

Renaissance straight an simple baroque complex and overflowing.

What are two differences between Indian renaissance and western renaissance?

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What is the major differences between Italian renaissance and Baroque painters?

Italian Renaissance such as Michelangelo painters focused most on technical detail and perspective. For Baroque painters, emotion was the main focus.

The Renaissance in music occurred between?

The Renaissance era in Western music began in about 1400, in northern Italy.

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