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Yalta and Potsdam were the sites of the two 1945 World War II Conferences of the Big Three Allied leaders. The purpose was to figure out what would happen to war torn Europe, as well as the fate of Germany, after the war.

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Q: Differences between the yalta and potsdam conferences?
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Where did the two conferences take place between the allied leaders to discuss the post-war world?

These two conferences took place in Yalta ; and Postdam.

Where did the two conferences take place between the allied leaders to discuss the post war world?

Yalta; Postdam

Why did Allied leaders meet at Yalta and Potsdam during World War 2?

They met at Yalta to coordinate their plans for ending the war. They met at Potsdam, after victory in Europe, to agree on the shape of post-war Europe (who controlled what).

What was the Trizonia conference?

There was not a Trizonia conference. The Trizoniawas the name of a post WWII area of Germany, which was eventually occupied by the UK, the US, and France. During the Potsdam or Berlin Conference, the Bizonia (an area of Germany, occupied by the US and the UK, military) was zoned, and then rezoned to include France's military, hence the name "Trizonia".The occupation was primarily in what later became West Germany, and lasted from 1945 (after Nazi Germany was defeated by the Allied powers.) through 1949.There were three important conferences, which took place between the leaders of the US, the UK, and the Soviet Union, (the "Big Three") (Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.) between 1943 and 1945.The Tehran conference took place during WWII, in 1943. After Nazi Germany was defeated, the Yalta conference took place, in February of 1945. The last of the three conferences was the Potsdam Conference or the Berlin Conference, which took place approximately 5 months after the Yalta Conference. During the Potsdam conference, the Trizonia area, was created as a result of post war zoning.The purpose of the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences, was to decide where post war zoning, mainly in Germany, Poland and Eastern Europe, would be drawn and is the Bi zone, or Bizonia, was the combination of the American and the British occupation zones during the occupation of Germany after World War II.

How does Casablanca relate to World War 2?

It was the site of the first conference where Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill met to plan their coordinated strategy against Nazi Germany. Later conferences met at Tehran, and at Yalta.

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What is the correct order of Allied conferences?

Casablanca, Yalta, Potsdam

What were three of the locations where famous wartime conferences took place between Allied leaders during World War 2?

Potsdam , Tehran and Yalta conferences .

What are the three war time conferences?

The Yalta ConferenceThe Potsdam ConferenceThe Casablanca Conference

What did the tehran yalta and potsdam conferences demonstrate?

The Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam conferences demonstrated the shifting alliances and geopolitical dynamics during and after World War II. These conferences showcased the cooperation and negotiations between the Allied leaders to discuss the post-war settlement, the division of Germany, and the establishment of the United Nations. They also illustrated the emerging tension and ideological differences between the Western powers and the Soviet Union, setting the stage for the Cold War.

The US Britain and Russia met for three major conferences during World War 2 where were they?

Tehran, Yalta & Potsdam. Churchill & Roosevelt met at Casablanca.

What Wartime conferences that Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin were involved in?

Churchill & Roosevelt meet at Casablanca: Tehran & Yalta follow. Attlee, Stalin & Truman meet at Potsdam.

What three major changes occurred between Yalta and Potsdam?

Death of Roosevelt.

Similarities between potsdam and yalta conference?

Similarities were that they were both about what to do after the war

What allied conference came first yalta or potsdam?

Yalta came first

What two conferences took place between the allied leaders?

yalta, postdam RAIDERS

Where did the two conferences take place between the allied leaders to discuss the post-war world?

These two conferences took place in Yalta ; and Postdam.

After what conference was it agreed to divide Occupied Germany into four sectors?

potsdam conference