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Q: Directlty north and south of the rain forest Africa is covered by what?
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What percentage of north America is covered by forest?

Approximately 25% of North America is covered by forest. The area covered by forests in North America make up about 500 square miles.

Where is the Mediterranean forest at?

There isn't a Mediterranean Forest but it is a type of forest. you can find them in North Africa, Spain, the south coast of Africa, West of Australia and in north and south America.

How much of north Africa is covered by desert?

About one third of Africa is covered by the Sahara Desert. Most of northern Africa is desert.

What is south of Europe and covered by the Sahara Desert?

North Africa is south of Europe and most of it is covered by the Sahara.

What portion of Africa is desert?

The northern third of Africa is nearly covered by the Sahara.

What is a wide areas covered with grasses and trees?

Meadows if surrounded by forest, plains or prairies if in North America and savannahs if in Africa andpampas if in South America and steppes if in Russia.

Animal-caused forest loss in southwest Asia and north Africa?

The goat.

What percentage of Russia is covered by forest?

About 80 % of north America is covered by forest.

Which empire covered most of Europe and North Africa?

Roman empire

Why do so few plants grow in north Africa?

There is no or little farming in much or north Africa along with southern Africa because of the climate. It's getting farther away from the equator and the climate starts to get colder.

Is Much of the region of Central Africa is forest and Savabbah?

Central Africa (north to south) is primarily arid and semiarid land. In the north it is the Sahara, then the Sahel, the Savanna and the Kalahari Desert.

What animal is most to blame for the animal caused forest loss in southwest Asia and north Africa?

sheep & goats