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The inuts igloo was made of hard packed snow and it was made from the inside out by placeing the ice in spirals until they made the top and then they cut a hole in the side so they could come out they only lived in iglóos in the winter and tents in the summer i don´t know if igloos are still used but they did use them. the other answer was wrong

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Q: Do Inuits still live in igloos and how are they built?
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Inuits live in igloo because?

Inuits do not live in igloos. They live in regular houses that were built by the government when they claimed Alaska as a state.

Do Inuits just live in igloos?

inuits don't just live in igloos. They live in houses made out of driftwood which are then covered with soil.

How do Inuits get money?

they built igloos to live in and went fishing alot

What kind of houses to Inuits live in?

they live in igloos

What do you call people that live in igloos?

Eskimos or inuits.

What Inuits people house is made of?

Ice, as they live in igloos.

Where do people live in igloos?

No one lives in igloos. They are temporary shelters that can be built for protection from extreme weather conditions in the arctic and antarctic regions. Building them takes considerable skill, and they can be large and comfortably warm .

What is a sentence for the word igloos?

Eskimos live in igloos.A common misconception, taught from childhood is that all eskimos, or Inuits as they should be known as, live in igloos. This is not the case.I want my birthday cake to be covered in igloos and polar bears!

What are eskimos known for?

Inuits can only eat meat cause nothing grows in the arctic. Inuits dont live in igloos they live in tents made out of animal skin, they only use igloos for emergency shelters and hunting shelters.

What was Inuits huses called?

They were called igloos, but they don't make them often any more. They live in houses, just like in the rest of the world.

Are the Inuit still in the arctic?

Yes some inuits still live the same way

Why do inuits live in igloos?

These days, not many of them do, apart from maybe during hunting trips. Back when it was more common it was because compacted snow was a readily available building material.