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Yes ... all personal effects are returned to the parents or next living relative.

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Q: Do parents get the dog tag of their child if their child is killed whilst fighting in a war?
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Why do you get blamed for everything?

If you are the oldest, that is exactly why you get blamed for everything...When someone younger then you does something your parents automatically think that he/she is a innocent young child and it must have been you have done it. Trust me it happens to me all the time, I am an only child but am the oldest of four cousins!

What was boudiccas childhood like?

When Queen Boudicca was a child her parents died of the smallpox epidemic and then she was raised by her older sister. But later on in her childhood she was adopted by a royal family. she loved pancakes!!

Why modern China not considered philoprogenitive?

China is not considered philoprogenitive because parents are only allowed to have one child. If they have twins they have to kill one or give it up for adoption.

Who met the children when they reached their destination?

Prior to the arrival of the evacuated children, families were interviewed. If they met the required standards, they committed to taking in at least one child. When the children arrived, they were herded together by teachers and volunteers for 'selection.' This was a horrible way to run the program. One can imagine how humiliated those children who were chosen last must have felt.

Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet is an example of?

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is an example of many things. It shows how powerful love is and the extents that someone would go to for someone they love. It shows how fighting can lead to complete disasters and that there shouldn't be feuds. It proves that you can't force your child to marry someone if the child loves someone else. Romeo and Juliet have many lessons and I think Shakespear wrote this play to show people it is better to love than to fight, it is better to have peace than war, but above all, that love can overcome many things and that if you love someone so much, you would die for them.

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What if the children were killed on a machine in child labor?

the child laborers would take the child to their parents, than hold a place for another child.

What happens if a second child is born in china and parents don't have enough money to pay child support?

A child is abandonded or killed

Why did the parents of Freddy Krugar burn him alive?

He wasn't killed by his parents. He was killed by the parents of Springwood, OH (where Elm St. is located). Kruger was a child murderer who was freed of all charges on a technicality.

Why can't someone enjoy with their child if they have had a fight with their spouse?

Because the child is hurt on the inside that the fact is the child's parents are fighting and the parent is to mad to enjoy time with their child.

What happened to Ali's parents?

They were killed after being run down by drunk drivers when he was a child.

Who killed sasori Sama?

The one who killed Sasori was Chiyo (using the puppets he made when he was a child. Those puppets looked like his parents).

What benefits do parents have?

Parents can get what is called a DIC benefit. If your child was active duty, honorable discharged, killed in line of duty. If your child wasn't married or have children. This benefit is income based, so not everyone can get it.

Who is the legal heir if your 18 year old child got killed?

If they weren't married, the parents are the legal heirs.

Are Parents legal responsibility for college education?

If the child is still living in their parents house - yes. If the child is living in their own place - no. Whilst the child is living with their parents - the parents are legally responsible for the child's education costs. A college education is not a mandatory parental responsibility like room and board and primary and secondary (high school) education. Therefore parents are not legally required to sponsor a child's college education. Parents are legally responsible for college education costs only if they were involved in the college enrollment and signed forms committing themselves to be responsible for the college tuition and other costs.

Is Genghis Khan the only child?

No it is commonly believed he had four brothers; Khasar, Kachiun, temuge and one other who he killed in his youth whilst exhiled (Who I can't remember the name of).

Would Child born to British parents in Malta in 1958 whilst father was serving in Malta with the British army be considered British?

If he wanted to be considered British then YES.

Did Andrew Jackson adopt an Indian child?

Yes he did after he killed the child's parents. The Indian child's name was Lyncoca. He adopted him in 1813 after a battle . This child had died several years later due to a contraction of a European-based disease.