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Not necessarily; you might be a Baronet and have inherited your title. Incidentally, when stating the name of a Knight (or Baronet), place NO emphasis on the 'Sir', which is pronounced 'suh'. Sir Charles, for example, sounds like S'Charles.

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Q: Does having sir in front of your name mean you've been knighted?
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Has brian mussell been knighted?

No he has not been Knighted. He is a Baronet.

Who has been knighted?

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Why did Shackleton get knighted?

In 1907, he led his own British Antarctic Expedition in the Nimrod. Other members of the expedition climbed Mount Erebus and reached the south magnetic pole. Using ponies and also dragging his own sledges Shackleton himself led a party which reached to only 97 miles from the Pole. Although there had not been much government support beforehand, Shackleton received a hero's welcome when he returned. He was knighted, becoming Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Can American Knighted be called Sir?

Yes. People from Canada and several other American countries can be knighted.Being in politics, I was surprised that yes they can. Ronald Reagan was and also George W. Bush, and then Bill Gates. Interesting question that leads on to how do you actually become knighted? Could lead on to a very interesting and educational trivia to learn, but Yes, they have been, so Yes they can.'Foreign' Knighthoods are honorary. 'Sir' Bob Geldof is an Irish citizen, and cannot use the title officially, the same would apply to worthies from the US. Canada is different (& No, it is not part of America, at least in the US sense !) as it is a Commonwealth country. I think 'Sir' Yehudi Menuin was also a Knighted US citizen.American citizens, while able to receive an honorary knighthood, are legally unable to use the prefix "Sir" or "Dame". The Constitution actually specifically deals with titles, nobility, and heredity.The first response at the top is stupid. The answerer knew what the person meant when he said "American". No one else besides citizens of the U.S. are considered "American". They are Canadian, venezualan, Mexican etc.Yes, they are part of North and South America, but that doesn't mean they are classified as "American". Idiot.An American can be knighted, but will not be allowed to use the Sir title.

How did Elizabeth MacArthur die?

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