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i would have said no. but in the yin yang the black is on the left and white is on the right

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Q: Does it matter which side the black and white is in yin yang?
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Is a ying yang a circle that is half black half white and on the black side has a white dot and a white side has a black dot?


Is yang black or white?

yang is the white one. in the Chinese culture it represents the sunny side of the mountain. Yang means sunny side and south side of the mountain so the white side is yang, it represents the sun, heat, day time, summer and spring, male, fire, dryness, the dragon, aggressive, south, light, life etc.

What colour is what in the yin and yang?

Ying and yang consist of two shades, black and white.

What does yin yang stand for?

Yin and yang is a symbol that is black and white on either side and with a little black and white circle on the opposite side of its colour. It's meaning is balance like the balance of evil and good. Or, you could say, in the dark(the black side) there is always light(the white circle) and in the light(the white side) there is always darkness(the black circle).

What part of the yin yang is the male?

yang, the black side

Is Yang Black?

Yin represents female energy, darkness and weakness and Yang represents male energy, light and strength. So no Yang is not black. Yin is black and Yang is white

What legendary Pokemon are in white version?

the black one generally it's supposed to be like yin and yang yin = black fish with white eye yang = white fish with black eye

What is the female half of yin and yang?

It is the "Yin" side. "Yang" is the male side. Yin is the side which is represented by earth, the tiger, winter, valleys, cold, death :(, dark, matter, water, shade, receptive, and tends to be rather passive. Yang is the exact opposite i.e.; sky, dragon, summer, mountains, warm, life, light, fire, sunlight, creative, and tends to be active. Both of the sides of Yin/Yang contain a little of the other half of its opposite. (Hint: Yin is the Black-dominant side.)

What does a ying yang look like?

It's two tear drop shapes in a circle. the one on the left is white, right side up, with a black dot at the bottom. The one on the right is an upside down tear drop, its black and it had a white dot at the top.

What is a Yin-Yang?

A yin-yang is a circular symbol with black and white sections, representing the fusion of the concepts of yin and yang.

What color is yin and what color is yang?

Yin is the black and yang is the white. The yin is feminine, Earth, water, coldness, etc. and is related to fate. The yang is masculine, Heaven, fire, heat, etc. and is connected to free-will. Neither is good or bad. According to Daoism (also known as Taoism), everyone contains both yin and yang. Whenever there is less of one there is more of the other. We need to strive to keep them both in balance.

What is Ying?

ying means good like ying yang ying is the white and yang is black and means bad