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maanava kulam

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Q: Dr Jp narayana loksatta belongs to which caste?
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What is Loksatta leader Dr Jayaprakash Narayan surname?


What is Loksatta leader Dr Jayaprakash Narayan native place?

kaza near mangalagiri

What is Loksatta leader Dr Jayaprakash Narayan caste?

He is a kamma. but I understand that he is hailing from Scheduled Caste Community married a girl from kamma family. However, I don't have any authentic information in this regard. If anybody knows please furnish the details so as to get the more support for his cause from the downtrodden even!

Who is the author of Annihilation of caste?

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar of India.

What caste dr br abethkar mala or madiga?


What class does the family of dr Jose rizal belongs?

The family of Dr. Jose Rizal belonged to the Filipino middle class or "ilustrado" class. They were educated, cultured, and had connections to the Spanish authorities in the Philippines. Rizal's family valued education and placed a high importance on intellectual pursuits.

Is crush soda a pepsi product?

It belongs to the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

What caste is prasad?

It use by Kayastha. Example: First President of India- Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It also use by Brahmins of Uttar Pradesh.

Was Dr Rajendra Prasad an St Sc or Obc?

neither ST nor SC, he was Kayastha , a General Caste

Most famous people of thaheem caste?

Justice Abdul Razzaq Thaheem Abdus Salam Thaheem Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Thaheem

Which caste does Telugu actor uday kiran belong?

Telugu 6000 niyogi brahmin same caste as former president late Sarvepalli Radhakrisha, Prime minister of India late Dr P.V. Narasimha Rao, Prakasam Pantulu etc.

Why is Dr. Beemaroa Ramji Ambedkar famous?

because he was one of the persons who stood against orthodox caste system which rooted deep in indian culture.As you know about how evil rooted its claws in caste system,Dr ambedkar saw that evil and fought against it.He brought the light on subject of untouchability and many crimes done on humans based on caste system practised in india.He believed that unless caste system practices are removed there shall be no equality and justice in india.So he took matters into his hands and fought against it.Due to his will people have understood what is going on in caste system.His struggle also uplifted SC and ST which were given injustice in name of caste system.Also he was the chairmen of committee which drafted law bill to independent india and contributed to major part in building democratic india.Many of laws wriien in india are based by him.So he was the father of constitution of india.Because of so many contribution he is famous with Mahatma Gandhi.