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handsome, strong, rich

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Q: During Renaissance time how did parents choose spouses for their children?
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Why did parent during the renaissance arrange marriage?

because they wanted what was best for their children.

Were their nanny's during the Renaissance time?

Yes there were nanny's in the Renaissance time. They took care of the wealthiest children there were like the princess and from everyone noble.

Where did the children live during the industrial revolution?

With their parents.

How does the influence of parents over their children change during adolescents?

at the age of adolescence children stop giving a dam and parents are out of the picture

Was their hobo children during the great depression?

eh eh eh of course there feking was children have parents, parents become homeless so do the children IDIOT

People Shakespeare Knew During the Renaissance?

Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance, so everyone he knew, he knew during the renaissance.

What is Lisa's occupation?

She took care of her children and her house. Like almost all women during the Renaissance times, she was a housewife.

What instrument was popular during the renaissance?

The harpsichord was a popular instrument during the Renaissance.

What was relationship like between children and their parents during Shakespeare's time?

In the time of Shakespear, children parent relationships were not good, this is clear from the stories he wrote as he reflected most of his work on his life and religion. Iligitimate children, parents abandoning children, adultrous relationships etc children killing parents,

Who seemed to be in charge of the church during the Renaissance?

The Pope was in charge of the church during the Renaissance. Throughout the Renaissance, there were several popes.

What is minyan during shiva?

A minyan is a quorum of 10 Jewish men (non-orthodox groups include women) and is the minimum number of men required for group prayer in Judaism. Shiva is the initial 7 days of mourning observed by direct family members of the deceased - parents, spouses, children, and siblings.

Who was king during the Carolingian Renaissance?

The king during the Carolingian Renaissance was called Charlemagne.