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No one was safe from the guillotine, one of the most dreadful figures during the Terror in France, Robespierre, who was one of the most important polictical figures, died by virtue of the infamous "humanitarian efficiency" of this killing machine. The aristocrats that didn't fled Paris died in the guillotine, when there were no aristocrats left started with friends of aristocrats, then with any one that opposed the ones in power, then with their political enemies. Madame le Guillotine had a loving penchant for all those "enemies of le liberte", acoording to Graeme Fife (The Terror: The Shadow of the Guillotine: France 1792-1794), as much as 40 000 died during this period; some references say that in the some cities as much as 1000 persons in one week.

No one was safe.

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During the Reign of Terror no one was safe from the Guillotine. This period history was when every infraction, no matter how little, was usually punishable by facing the Guillotine.

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Absolutely nobody.

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No one was safe from the guillotine.

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Q: During the reign of terror who was safe from guillotine?
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Who wasn't safe during reign of terror?

the Koreans

Who was safe from the guillotine?

No one. It did not discriminate by age, sex or social statusw.

During the region of terror who was safe from the guillotine?

Almost No one was safe during the Rein of Terror. The people in the government were so frightened of Robespierre, (who was running France at the time), that they arrested him, sent him to the guillotine and ended the rein of terror.

Who was safe from the gullotine in the Reign of Terror?

Bo one. Not the king, the nobles, the clerics, the politicians or the peasants.

Pictures of dress of rich and middle class people during French Revolution?

It became popular to "dress down".The less noticeable and the less attention drawn to yourself was a safe move to make particularly during the Reign of Terror.

Who was safe from the guillotine in the Reign of Terror?

No one. Not the King, Nobles or Clerics or peasants. Women and children were not spared. It touched people of every age and religious persuassion and it even managed to reach out and touch Robespierre.

What was the region of terror and who was safe?

There is no such thing as "the Region of Terror". If, perhaps, you meant to write "the Reign of Terror", please see below. During the french revolution, revolutionary fever was rising higher and higher. With the monarchy and its governemnt in moral and financial collapse, the service also collapsed which added to the chaos. Mobs began to form, for there was no restraint on what they could or couldn't do because of the service of the government. The king and Assembly would not united for they both held each other suspicious. The king was persuaded to take some of his guards and put them on the streets of Paris to show strength and power. But the workers and craftsmen seized every weapon they could find and attacked.

What group controlled reign of terror?

"the mountain" national assemblyDepartment of public safety(didn't really try to keep everyone safe!! tried to kill everyone)

How rich and powerful were the Second Estate in the French Revolution?

They were very, very rich and had a great deal of "pull or leverage" in many areas, but a large number had estates and investments in other "safe havens" and chose to "get out of Dodge" until the clang of th guillotine had been silenced. The same was true of course for the Third Estate with adequate secure funds. They escaped the Reign of Terror and lost much of their French wealth, but they had their lives and adequate cash to make a new start elsewhere.

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Why did everyone hate maximilien robespierre?

many people may say that he was either the hero of the revolution or a murderous tyrant of the revolution. I believe he was a murderous tyrant, he tried to justify the mass killings if the terror as being necessary to save the revolution. He was a villian.

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