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Mammals became the dominant land animals in the early Paleocene period of the Cenozoic era, after the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era.

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Cenozoic Era

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Q: During which era did mammals become common?
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During which era did mammals become common on earth?

The era that mammals became common would be the Cenozoic era.

Which era is sometimers refferred to as the age of mammals?

The Cenozoic Era during the Palaeocene Epoch is also known as the age of mammals

Species of existed during the mesozoic era?


The age of mammals occurred during?

Cenozoic Eracenozoic era

The most important animal to appear during the Cenozoic era was the?

Mammals is the answer

In what era did dinosaurs and mammals live together?

Dinosaurs and mammals coexisted during the Mesozoic era. If you count birds as dinosaurs, then they still coexist now in the Cenozoic.

During which period in the Mesozoic era did dinosaurs and the first mammals appear?

The first dinosaurs AND the first mammals both appeared in the Triassic period From the Mesozoic era.

What organisms arose during the Cenozoic era?

we are currently the Cenozoic era however the mammals that have evolved so far are : placental mammals and monotremes -a small group of mammals that lay eggs.

The extensive adaptive radiation of the mammals occurred during which geological era?


Which is not an adaptation made by mammals during the Cenozoic era?

Becoming cold-blooded

During which era did birds and small mammals begin to evolve?

The answer is Cenozoic in the beginning of this era there were few mammals and birds but longer down the road more animals appeared as the era continued.And so my answer would be Cenozoic but i am not completely sure.:(ANSWER ABOVE IS INCORRECTMesozoic is the correct answer small mammals evolved during the Mesozoic era, with reptiles, as did birds. The full potential and releasing of mammals came in the Cenozoic, when the mass extinction of 20% of the Mesozoic's species happened.

What is the time or era for Age of Mammals?

The Cenozoic Era is the Age of Mammals!