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China is thought to be named for the Qin, a people that were in the country during the Zhou Dynasty. This was first recorded in 1516 by Duarte Barbosa. Barbosa was a Portuguese explorer.

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Q: Dynasty china is named for
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Were any women emperors of china?

There was only one named Wu Zetian in Tang Dynasty.

Which Chinese dynasty was created by the Mongols?

It was named the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dynasty was followed by the Song Dynasty. The founder of Yuan has been a topic of discussion. In the history of China, it was Genghis Khan who fought through the plains of China, seizing the lands and slowing establishing the new dynasty of China. However, in the records of history, it was his grandson Kublai Khan, that named the dynasty and totally seized control over the Chinese. Yuan Dynasty lasted from 1271-1368. Yuan Dynasty had Dadu, now known as Beijing, as its capital. China fluorished under the rule of the Mongols, the Mongolian government was opened to western influence and trade and cultural exchange started increasing in China at that time. One of the best examples could be said to be the arrival of Marco Polo during Yuan Dynasty, who then stayed in the country as an ambassador for Venice and China and also a co-ordinator between the Pope and Kublai Khan to spread Christianity. The Mongols introduced notes to China in 1273, making the Chinese the first civilization to use paper notes in the world. The rich flow of cultural exchange including the introduction of Nestorianism and Roman Catholicism were some predominant examples. Trade was more focused on the exchange of goods from the western countries to China. China introduced porcelain, printing techniques and Chinese medical literature to the Europeans, who in turn imported thin glass and cloisonné, a form of metalworking technique to make vases and etc, to China. China can be said to fluorish a lot under the rule of the Mongols. However , when the Mongolian ruled was turned over, China closed her doors again. There was a stop of western influence in China.

Who was responsible for the development of the civil service system in China?

The Han Dynasty

What was Han China's most important export?

Silk was the most important export during China's Han Dynasty.

What were the 350 years between the Han Dynasty and the sui dynasty characterized by?

Large amounts of warfare and disunion throughout the former Han Empire. The Three Kingdoms era came and went and was replaced by the Jin Dynasty, which maintained a loose rule over China until that collapsed. Finally, the Sui Dynasty settled China and reestablished control. This time was also marked by major technological improvments and major infrastructure improvments to China.

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