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Sierra Leone, no Liberia

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Q: England established what African colony for ex slaves?
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What was established in Virginia and led to the importation of indentured servants and African slaves to that colony?

tobacco as a major cash crop

Where were African slaves first brought to work?

The first African slaves used by Europeans were used by the Portuguese, on the island of Sao Tome, to grow sugarcane. The Spanish were the first to use African slaves in the Americas (in the Caribbean), and the first English colony to use African slaves was Jamestown, Virginia (which was the first English colony in the New World). However, long before Europeans used African slaves, the Africans had slaves who were African!

Where did the majority of slaves work?

The New England colony

Brazil was home to which African colony of runaway slaves?


Which African countries was established by former American slaves?


Who were unwilling immigrants to America?

i believe they were African slaves that would brought to America

When was Haiti established as a country?

Haiti was established as a Republic in 1804 after former African slaves established independence from France.

What African government was established by former slaves from the US?

Liberia I think it is

What happened after the African American colony of freed slaves in Haiti failed?

there were no futher attempts to keep the colony going

Which colony has few slaves but many indentured servants?

new england

Did the New England colony have slaves and indentured servitude?

they had it yes and why to help

When was the first African slaves brought to Jamestown colony by a dutch trader?