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Q: Europeans and Russians share elements of culture such as art religion and .....?
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What did the europeans bring to America?

They brought their culture, their language, their religion (especially their religion), as well as a variety of English foods, and diseases ( Malaria, smallpox, and measles that killed millions of Native Americans)Although I am not exactly sure about this, these are the kinds of foods they may have brought to the Americas.-yams-white potatoes-rice (from Asian trading)-peanutsetc.

How did Mao Zedongs cultural revolution affect china?

It destroyed many aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including religion, clothing, and art.

What did the Europeans contribute to the Caribbean?

first brought there as slaves, then worked on plantations, soon gained more freedom and brought African culture aspects that mixed with native and European beliefs. creole culture can be looked up. a mix of African religious and cultural beliefs with the other native and euro. they were the base of the economy and the proletariat

When the Spanish encountered native peoples in the New World the main reason the Europeans dominated was .?

Europeans were able to dominate the Native Americans because they were mostly meeting with people who had a subsistence type of existence. They adjusted to changes in weather, over worked fields and other elements by moving from place to place. The European culture was more acquisitive, and the Europeans looked for ways and means to provide a consistent living through trade of furs and other commodities for things they needed for survival. Besides the basic seeds and stock, Europeans brought over items to sustain the early startup of their civilization. Europeans took over open lands that the Indians were not using seasonally, causing disruption in the lives of the natives.

How did the geography of the religion affect the spread of the olmec culture?

natural barriers made it difficult for the olmecs to expand

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What elements of Native American culture did Europeans adopt?


What are two important elements of a culture?

Language and religion

Peter the Great forced Russians to accept social reforms that would make their culture more like that of?

Western Europeans

When Peter the great forced Russians to accept social reforms that would make their culture more like that of?

C. Western Europeans

Why did the Europeans want to convert the aboriginals to Christianity?

Europeans believed a new religion would help the First Nation and benefit their culture.

How did the Europeans view Africa culture and religion in the 19th century?

They loved it for they loved Getting naked

What factors led Europeans to begin voyages of exploration?

spices, Asian, religion, Asian culture.

What did the Europeans teach the aboriginals?

They taught them the European culture and religion also their language

How did Europeans affect the culture of Latin America?

The Europeans influenced Latin America in their religion and language.Europeans brought a new language to Latin America.Europeans brought a new religion to Latin America.Slaves imported by Europeans contributed their language and customs to the culture.

A complex culture in which large numbers of people share basic elements such as social structure and religion is known as a?

A civilization is a complex culture in which large numbers of people share basic elements.

What elements make up culture in 3 sentences?

The three elements of culture are:occupationsbeliefs/religionshuman behavior

Which of these terms is defined as the history, customs, traditions, knowledge, literature, arts, language, and a belief in various elements of religion of a society?