Examples of staple crops

Updated: 8/22/2023
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A staple food is one that is eaten regularly and in such quantities as to constitute the dominant part of the diet and supply a major proportion of energy and nutrient needs.

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An example of staple crops are rice and yams.

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yams, cotton, sugar cane, pecans

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Q: Examples of staple crops
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What are six examples of giffen goods?

staple crops,wheat

What were the staple crops in the middle colonies?

The staple crops werepeaches, corn,carrots, peas, turnips, onions, tobacco, and wheat

How many of the world's four major staple crops were native to the Americas?

3 staple crops. Rice, corn, and potatoes.

Crops that are always needed such as barley wheat and oats?

staple crops

What is a staple crop?

CassavaA staple crop is one that is regularly eaten by a large amount of people and is a common factor in their diets. For example, cereal crops such as wheat, root and tuber crops such as potatoes and fruit are considered to be staples.

Many of the crops grown by Native Americans were?


What are 5 colonial staple crops from Virginia?

potatoes and beans

What is important crops in bihar?

the staple food Bihar is rice

What is a sentence for staple crops?

Staple foods are basic commodities that is regularly consumed by people.Different regions have different staple foods, this is as a result of dynamic climatic conditions.

Which region raised the majority of the staple crops in demand by europeans?

The Caribbean region raised the majority of staple crops in demand by Europeans, such as sugar, tobacco, and indigo. These crops were produced mainly on plantations using forced labor, including enslaved Africans.

What two staple crops were grown on southern plantations?

Tobacco and Cotton

What are Egypt's stable crops?

Egypt had several staple crops. These crops included barley, wheat, cotton, flax, and papyrus. They made beer and textiles.