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Q: Fill in the chart below describing the major eras of earth history?
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What has the author W Folyard written?

W. Folyard has written: 'A theological and universal history, describing heaven, earth and hell in panoramic order'

What is the Greek word that means writing about or describing the earth?

The Greek word for writing about or describing the earth is "geography."

What is the largest man on the Earth?

In history- Robert Wadlow, 8' 11" (see below) now- Sultan Koten, Turkey 8' 3" (below)

According to the chart studied about the earth?

The Earth is the third planet from the Sun in our solar system. It has a diverse range of habitats, including oceans, forests, grasslands, and deserts. The Earth's atmosphere is composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.

According to the chart studied about the earth.?

eratosthenes and aristarchus

What is William Carlos Williams describing in this passage from Spring and All?

what hes describing is the end of winter

What happens to the temperatures in the troposphere as altitude increases?

The temperature decreases

What is geology good for?

it is good for describing the physical features of earth

What is the theory describing the movement of the Earth's continents?

Plate Tectonics

What is the function for the earth's orbit around the sun?

The function describing earth's orbit round the sun is that for an ellipse.

What is a drawing the earth on a flat surface?

It is known as a map or a chart.

What is a representation of the earth on a flat piece of paper?

A chart or a map.