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Flax can refer to a plant yielding fiber and oil. An example sentence would be: Flax is delicious in granola bars.

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Q: Flax in a sentence
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What is a flax used for?

Flax was used to spin out clothes back in colonial times.----It has been used for many uses all the way back to 1000 BC. Flax seed when ground up and eaten and used for baking has numerous benefits that are only now gaining recognition and being researched.Not only is Ground flaxseed an excellent source of Omega 3, it also has Lignans, which are in the hull of the seed (and not found in large quantities in flaxseed oil). Lignansare beneficial for their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.Ground Flax seed in an excellent source of protein and Vitamin B along with many other vitamins and minerals. This makes it a great addition to a vegetarian and vegan diet. Flax is Gluten-free (unless it has been processed alongside gluten products-always know your source and check labels). It is an excellent anti-oxidant.Flaxseed has high content of soluble + insoluble fiber which help prevent constipation, and because of this and the benefits of Omega 3, flax can naturally lower your cholesterol levels.This is because the healthy ESSENTIAL Omega 3 oilshelp tell you that you feel full (otherwise you will continue to feel hungry without the good fats) and the fiber in flax with take enough time to break down that your body will be full for longer thus helping stabilize blood sugar and benefiting diabetics.Flax has been fed to horses, dogs, cats and pigs to help increase their Omega 3 essential fatty acids to normal levels as processed food has WAY TOO MUCH Omega 6. The balance between the 2 is what is important! :) We have been way off balance in the food we feed our pets and ourselves! (Some info I found for pets: you believe that you can add flax to your diet for about $6.00 per month or less. The health benefits in return are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Prevention should be the goal! Fixing something that is broken is much more difficult than just preventing the problem in the first place!Check out this site that has much more great info: A balanced diet is what is important! If you ADD 2-3 tablespoons of Ground Flax (the ony way to get all the benefits), to a well-balanced, vegetable, fruit, and whole-grain filled diet, you will be doing your health a favor!

What type of fabric did ancient Egyptians use to make their clothes?

Linen, but as this was very expensive, the poor wore whatever they could lay their hands on, usually wool. They also wore flax which is a plant fibre that they grow. they wore sandles.

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