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Athens turned the 180-city Delian League it led against the Persians into an empire of its own after peace was made with Persia. Using this power Athens tried to dominate the Greek world, becoming more and more intrusive and adventurous. The Peloponnesian League led by Sparta opposed this, resulting in the devastating 27-year Peloponnesian War, which Athens lost and was stripped of its empire, becoming a second rate power.

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Q: Following the persian wars greece was dominated by whom?
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Who dominated Greece after the Persian Wars?

Greece was dominated by Athens after the Persian wars.

What dominated Greece before the Persian war?

One thing was strife between the city-states. This continued on after the persian wars.

Following the Persian wars Greece was dominated by?

Two leagues - one led by Athens, the other led by Sparta.

What city-states dominated Greece after the Persian Wars?

First Athens, then Sparta, then Thebes until Macedonia took over.

Who invaded Greece during the Persian wars?


Who ordered the first Persian invasion of Greece?

The first Persian invasion of Greece was during the Persian Wars in 492 BCE. It was ordered by the Persian King Darius I to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria.

Was Greece the winner of the Persian Wars?

The coalition of Greek city-states was.

How many battles in the Persian wars were on mainland Greece?

Marathon and Plataea.

Where there any important wars Greece fought?

Yes. In modern times, Greece fought in World War 2 and Korea. In ancient times, Greece fought the Persian Wars.

What brought about the beginning of the Persian Wars in Ancient Greece?

The Ionian city-states revolted against Persian rule and this progressively brought mainland Greece into the conflict.

What was the most surprising about the outcome of the Persian wars?

The Persian Empire attacked Greece again 30 years later.

What is the famous temple made for Athena for saving Greece in the Persian wars?

The Parthenon