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Building forts in Ohio river valley

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Q: France tried to protect its claims in north america by?
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Who established Spain's claims to North America?


What European power had claims in north America and in the Caribbean?

Spain, France, England, Holland, Sweden and Portugal all had claims in both North America and the Caribbean.

What 4 European countries had claims in North America?

France, Spain, England, and the Netherlands i think...

What was one result of the French and the Indian war?

The French and Indian War in 1756 was a major conflict between Great Britain and France. It was fought in India and in North America. One major result in North America was with France's defeat, all her claims in North America were given to the British.

How did France protect its land in north America?

they had a system of forts

How Spain established territorial claims in North America.?

Spain established territorial claims in North America by failing their mission.

What region did France control in North America?

The region that France controlled is called SOUTH AMERICA

How did spain establish territorial claim in north America?

Spain established territorial claims in North America by failing their mission.

Where did France concentrate its settlements?

the french concentrated its settlements by the St. Lawrence river.

Where do Spain France and Britain have colonies in north America?

north america

In 1763 how much land Did France control in mainland north America?

The answer is none. France did not control any part of north America after 1763.

Did the ancient Greeks have colonies in North America and in southern France?

North America, no. France, yes, Massilia, now Marseilles.