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India gained independance in 1947 from the United Kingdom, for its service during the Second World War.

To deal with religious turmoil, they split India in three;

India, for the Sihks and Hindus.

West Pakistain, which is now Pakistan, for the Muslims.

East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh, also for the Muslims.

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Q: From what country did India gain independence in 1947?
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From what country did India gain it's independence in 1947?

The United Kingdom.

How did India gain indepence?

India got independence on 15th of august in 1947

India helped which nation gain independence?

. August 15, 1947

What time did india gain independence?

12:02 on the 15th August 1947.

India struggled for ninety years to gain its independence from what country?

the british

What is the date of indepence?

Indian Independence Day is celebrated each year on August 15th. India gained its independence from the United Kingdom on August 15, 1947.

How long did it take India to gain independence from Great Britain?

India began to fight for it's independence with the Salt march led by Mohandas Gandhi on March 12, 1930. After many happenings to Gandhi himself and his followers they were able to gain independence on August 15, 1947. Therefore it took India 17 years to gain it's independence.

Who was the first pacific country to gain their independence?

Samoa was the first pacific country to gain their independence

When did India gain independence?

15 august 1947India got independance in 1947.The date is 15th August.

Who was the first country to gain their independence?

The first country ever to gain independence was San Marino who achieved independence from the Roman Empire.

How quit India movement help India to gain independence?

it combine the whole nation to get independence

What country Latin American country was the first to gain independence?

haitiThe first Latin American country to gain its independence was Haiti.