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Chik Shampoo is a product of CavinKare.

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= CHIK SHAMPOO = Just a mention of Chik Shampoo today gives rise to varied perceptions. To the rural and semi urban population of India, it is the preferred daily shampoo. To the market and its players, the second largest selling shampoo in the country. To the competition, a case study in competitive strategy. And to us, our raison de etre.

In a highly competitive FMCG category that seemed impenetrable to most marketers. Chik Shampoo identified a humongous opportunity in rural and semi urban India and created waves with its entry into these markets. Combining innovative sachet packing, strategic pricing (At Re.1 and 50p) and a strong and motivated distribution network, Chik Shampoo transformed the very nature of shampoo packaging and usage.

THE CHIK PROMISE With a tropical climate round the year, it is indeed a difficult task to maintain hair softness and shine. Added to this, tangled hair has come to be the most common complaint to girls and women. The Research and Development team at CavinKare recognized softness and manageability to be the key issues in the maintenance and nourishment of hair.

This paved the way for a unique formula - Active Double Conditioners that cut across age, sex and loyalists of other shampoos to adopt Chik Shampoo. Further, extensive communication targeted at the rural and semi urban masses showcased the possibility of soft and manageable hair. The iconic Chik Girl in every Chik Shampoo commercial treated her hair with the shampoo and demonstrated with atmost ease and confidence her ability to untangle her hair with just a single motion of running her fingers through her hair. Her testimonial signature Yun Kiya Ho Gayal has come to be a popular phrase amongst both girls and women today.


Chik Shampoo has always targeted both, girls and women in rural and semi urban India. The brand has gained their confidence and become a household name by catering to their continuously evolving requirements and preferences.

THE CHIK USER It is believed that the continuous pursuit of perfection is perfection in its true essence. At CavinKare, this belief has been put into practice with comprehensive understanding, utmost dedication and care. From being a player with a single offering, Chik Shampoo has penetrated the Indian market with a wide range offering of four refreshing fragrances. The brand spread its shoots with Chik Black, Chik Jasmine, Chik Egg and Chik cool. Added to its successful sachet packing and pricing at Re.1 and 50p, the Company expanded its market share with the introduction of bottles sized-60 ml, 120 ml,250 ml & 500ml. Try out the new variant Chik Anti Dandruff Shampoo. This product contains climbazole and lemon extracts which act on dandruff and itching caused by dandruff.


Partnering you: the new Chik Over the years, the consumers of Chik Shampoo have evolved, to step out of their traditional roles as homemakers and take on the working world, confident that they are in charge of shaping their destiny. Now, their brand too has evolved, to partner their entry into the world of work with a new confidence in their beauty.

Because inner confidence reflects on the outside too, new Chik Satin Shampoo, with its promise of soft and manageable hair, gives its users the confidence to leave their hair open all day long. The confidence to discover a new and beautiful side to themselves and along with it, the confirmation that no goal is too far or unachievable. This consumer idea led to the idea of "Khule bhal, khuli dhuniya". The New Chik Satin Shampoo is enriched with Fruit Conditioners involving extracts of Strawberry, Green Apple and Papaya, New Chik Satin is a luxurious new shampoo that offers a soft and tangle-free promise, and of course, the confidence to leave ones' hair open all day long. Chik Satin Shampoo has three variants for different hair types: Strawberry extracts for soft hair Green Apple extracts for tangle-free hair Papaya extracts for bouncy hair

Chik Satin with Fruit Conditioners offers users a unique, exotic and luxurious appeal, one that is not currently available to this target segment. Sophisticated, trendy feminine stylish packaging with superior conditioning formula, further adds to the overall appeal of Chik Satin.


Available in a wide range of packs ranging from 7ml, 25ml, 40ml, 100ml, 200ml & 400ml, they are priced at Rs.1.50, Rs.6, Rs.10, Rs.30, Rs.56 and Rs.104 respectively.

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