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they based on confucios' ideas.

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Q: Han rulers based their policies on the teaching of?
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On whose teachings did Han rulers base their policies?

Han rulers based their policies on the teachings of Confucius. His teachings were also to be followed in their private lives.

Whose teachings influenced Han rulers?

Han emperors based their rule on the teaching of Confucius.

What did Han rulers base their policies and teachings on?


What improvements did the Chinese make under Han rulers?


Why did the Han dynasty last so long?

The Qin Dynasty was based on legalism, while the Han dynasty was based on Confucianism and some Taoism. Overall, the Han dynasty was less strict in its laws and less harsh. The Han dynasty lasted much longer and was much larger.

Were the rulers of The Han Dynasty fair or not?

yes they were fair because they gave the best for their people.

How did han rulers bring back respect for tradidtion during the Han Dynasty?

They encourage people to return to the teachings of Confucius. =)

What was the Han Dynasty based on?


How did the Tang rulers changed China?

They reconquered land that china had lost since the decline of Han dynasty

Who used the Han Dynasty teaching to guide them?

hi my name is meng hong(with a kick)

Whose teaching were the foundation for the Han Dynasty?

Really It's Laozi I thought it was Confucius

What was the Han dynasty's government based on?