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Many people think that "whats done is done" but things that were done in the past have a big impact on life today. Children who went to residental schools were traumatized and beaten, raped and tortured. They will live with those memories forever. Historical globalization caused the church to set up these schools, and hire the wrong people to teach there.

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Social, economic and political aspects of modern day society are all affected by historical globalization. Society needs to respond to legacies of the past because as humans, learning from mistakes is part of our nature. Without the ability to do that, not an single person would ever reason to move past anything and history would continually repeat itself. Recently, there have been actions taken by governments to aid in the coping many people who still today, suffer from the effects of historical globalization. Such as countless first nations who were abused within the residential school system that was implanted in Canada . The Mohawks that were devastated when the government tried to take the land that they had claimed as theirs away. There are countless people living today who carry the memories of these traumatic events very close to them. I feel as though we are responsible to answer to these people, aiding them in the recovery of their identity and ability to function properly within society.

Governments are obligated to respond to the impacts of events that have taken place long ago for it is accountability they need to attain. Prime minister Stephen Harper demonstrated this when he formally apologized to the first nations in 2008 for their residential school experiences. It is tricky to embrace historical globalization without re-inflicting devastation so the government and churches today refer to residential schools as an "sad chapter in our history." The aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their homes and placed within an residential school. They were abused sexually, physically and emotionally. For this, the modern day government has given out millions of dollars in compensation money. There are still many people today that live in constant fear, and suffer from many other things such as depression and the feeling of being unloved.

As an society, government and people. We need to learn from these actions of globalization and explore contemporary societies responsibilities

As an world, full of people that make mistakes,we need to learn to not allow our ancestral hatred to affect who we are today.

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We need to learn from thes actions of globalization and explore contemporary society's responsibilities to address these injustices. The legacies continue to effect us today, for example, global income equality. Their is a growing gap between the rich and the poor - especially visible in South America. The response has been foreign aid, loans, professional and social assistance programs and direct food distribution. Another response on part of contemporary society has been to provide foreign aid. This usually comes in the form of money, expertise or supplies. The UN encourages nations to contribute foreign aid, the goal is set at 0.7% GNI, but this has never actually been met.

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Q: Has contemporary society done enough to respond to the legacies of globalization?
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