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Never been, but everyone ever tried in history to destroy Kaaba was cursed and destroyed himself.

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Q: Has the Kaaba at Mecca ever been destroyed in the course of conflict or war?
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Most Muslims believe that they should:A. stay away from Mecca and Kaaba temple B. follow rules set in the Quran and the hadith C. pray once a year during the month of Ramadan D. force non-muslims to change their religions?

b I think

Who and where built the first house in the world?

It is mecca!

Pre colonial diplomacy as practiced in Africa?

For Muslim rulers in pre-colonial Africa, the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) was a way of establishing relationships with other rulers. Mansa Musa's pilgrimage made his kingdom famous for its wealth in gold.

How did the writings of Dante and Chaucer reflect the history of the cultures in which they were produce?

Dante's concepts and images of heaven and hell are fundamentally informed by the teachings of the Catholic Church of his day and were published for readers who were Catholics. Chaucer was an astute sopcial observer and wrote "The Canterbury Tales" as the equivalent of todays docu-dramas. He described types of people he experienced in society around him. The backcloth, though, the actual pilgrimage on foot from London to Canterbury represents an activity that was indeed done in those days by social classes. To take pilgrimage to Canterbury was held in high esteem then in basically the same way as for a Muslim to go on Hajj to Mecca is held today.

What are the trade routes to mecca?

One of the most well heard of trades in history is SILK but not many people know much about it but the say some of the heaviest traffic for SILK trade routes was in the mountains of Pakistan. SILK was one of the most expensive items in that time and only Kings/Queens and Emperors could afford it so if you could get enough silk and manage to sell it then you were lucky but so many people died trying to transport it as either they were murdered and their goods stolen or they died of exhaustion/dehydration or they simply froze to death. Many people belive infection could've killed thousands in that trade as well.