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If it is part of a claddaugh - and it was given to you as an engagement ring/promise ring, the heart would be turned toward you reflecting that your heart is taken.

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Q: Have a heart shaped diamond ring what way should it be worn?
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Where can you get a wedding ring with a heart shaped diamond?

Almost anywhere you look for a wedding ring, you should be able to find one with a heart-shaped diamond. They are usually more expensive, however, because the stone needs to be fairly large in order to make a heart shape out of it.

Where to get heart shaped diamond engagement rings?

One can purchase a heart shaped diamond engagement ring online from Blue Nile. Here you can design your own ring to the quality and specifications which you desire.

Should a heart shaped ring be worn facing out or towards wearer?

The heart-shaped ring should be facing away from the wearer.

Do you wear a heart engagement ring facing out or facing in?

The heart-shaped ring should be facing away from the wearer.

What is the first known reference to a diamond heart ring?

The diamond heart ring date from the Roman times. It was a symbol of pledging vows and were used as wedding or engagement rings in medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Should you buy a diamond ring or a crystal ring on a wedding?

Maybe the crystal ring is better... or a diamond ring: which ever you prefer or the bride prefers.

What is a V in a diamond shaped symbol mean inside of a ring with three stones?

V for Vespucci.

Are The Danbury Mint diamond rings nice or where should i get a diamond promise ring?

You should buy what you like most.

Where does one purchase a 5 Stone Diamond Ring?

5 carat diamond rings can be purchased from a variety of locations that offer jewelry. Wedding jewelers may carry them, but they often sell higher carat jewels. 5 carat diamond rings can be purchased at the jewelry counter in a department store or from an online retailer such as Zoara.

Is it ok to give a girl a promise necklace instead of ring?

Yes. A promise ring, or any token of your intent is proper. Traditionally it's a modest ring but not like a solitaire diamond. A heart or something is good. A necklace with half a heart for each, etc. A diamond ring is a heavy commitment and may as well be an engagement ring, so that's not appropriate.

What direction do you wear a pear shaped ring?

Actually, you are suppose to wear it pointing towards your heart and not towards your nails. I was told that pointing towards your heart is the "correct" way of wearing a pear shaped ring when I was in Cartier. But you can choose to wear it pointing any way you like.

What is a ring shaped molecule?

A ring-shaped molecule is a molecule that connects its ends together to form a closed loop structure. These molecules are also known as cyclic molecules and can exhibit unique properties due to the ring structure, such as increased stability or reactivity compared to their linear counterparts. Examples of ring-shaped molecules include cyclic compounds like cyclohexane or benzene.