Historical events on September 15

Updated: 8/22/2023
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On this day several different things happened during World War 2:

1. Battle of Britain-2 Major Air Battles, 61 German & 29 British aircraft shot down; major defeat for Luftwaffe that probably caused Hitler to cancel potential invasion plans.

2. Canada-Military Conscription (Draft) begins for men aged 21 through 24. Canada is at war with Germany & Italy.

3. USSR-Military Conscription (Draft) begins for men aged 19 through 20. USSR is not at war, but a current collaborator of Germany.

4. A British naval force is approaching Benghazi, Libya to strike Italian ships the next day.

5. Between 13-16 September 1940: An Italian army under General Graziani in Libya pushes 70 miles east into Egypt against outnumbered British & Commonwealth troops.

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in 1916 the british used tanks for the first time at the battle of the somme. also prince harry was born on 15th sept 1984

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Q: Historical events on September 15
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