History of legends

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the legend or key explains what the symbols on the map represents .point symbols are used to specify the location of things ,such as cites ,that do not take up much space on the map .some legends,such as the one shown here ,show colors respent certain elevations.other maps might have legend with colors that represents things such as roads. legends can also show enconomic resources ,things population density ,and climate use

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Q: History of legends
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what is the role of legend in the philippine history

Why are there legends in the Himalayas?

there are legends about the himalayas because people claim to see things so they can be known in history

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How have legends helped the study of history?

In respect to Ancient History, but true also of other historical concerns and periods, legends have provided assistance in various ways to historical research and discovery. As just one example, legends have often revealed details about the daily lives and customs of ancient peoples, even when the core-story of the legend may be false.

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