History of voting

Updated: 4/28/2022
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women were not allowed because the government did not think politics was any of woman's business.

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Q: History of voting
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The history of voting in America is the history of the expansion of?

suffrage :) apex

What actors and actresses appeared in A Brief History of Voting - 2004?

The cast of A Brief History of Voting - 2004 includes: Cori Dauber

What is the history of voting in Wyoming?

is very republican

What factor are important in predicting which citizen will vote?

Voting history and geographical position.

What is part of the five stages in the history of voting rights?

The five stages in the history of voting rights include abolished religious qualifications, civil war amendments, women's suffrage, civil rights for black Americans and the rights for young Americans. This took place between 1800s and 1971.

What voting rule was based upon an individual African American family history?

grandfather clauses..APEX :)

How did the suffragettes change history?

The fought for and won the political emancipation of women. After their campain women and men had equal voting rites.

What kind of tax is a pole tax?

I think you mean a "poll" tax. "Poll" is a term often used to refer to voting. A poll tax would be a tax you paid for the privilege of voting. Poll taxes were often used in US history to keep the poor and minorities from voting. They are now illegal in the United States.

What has the author Laughlin McDonald written?

Laughlin McDonald has written: 'American Indians and the fight for equal voting rights' -- subject(s): Suffrage, Indians of North America, Government relations, History 'American Indians and the fight for equal voting rights' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, Suffrage, Government relations, History

What was the significance of the introduction of compulsory and preferential voting in the 1920's to Australia's political development?

History assignment is due tomorrow. Better get a move on. ; )

The two-party system in the US is supported by what aspect of the political system?

single-member districts, plurality voting, and political history and socialization

What has the author Richard Patrick McCormick written?

Richard Patrick McCormick has written: 'New Jersey from Colony to State, 1609-1789' -- subject(s): History 'Experiment in independence' -- subject(s): History 'New Jersey: a students' guide to localized history' 'The history of voting in New Jersey'