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gee thanks for that the reason we asked is so we didn't have to look in a textbook

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Q: How and why did the pattern of migration change over time from 1945-2000?
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How and why did the pattern of migration change over time from 1945 2000?

gee thanks for that the reason we asked is so we didn't have to look in a textbook

What are some factors that have caused the dominant life-forms on Earth to change over time?

Natural catastrophes, migration of food source, and climate change

Is Winged Migration a docudrama about the problem of illegal immigrants stowing away on commercial airliners?

No. Winged Migration, a Sony picture, is a documentary about the migratory pattern of birds. It was shot over 4 years and on all the 7 continents.

What does Population change mean in geography terms?

Population change refers to the increase or decrease in the number of people living in a specific area over a period of time. It is typically measured through data on births, deaths, and migration patterns. Understanding population change is crucial for assessing the social, economic, and environmental impacts on a region.

How do cultures change?

cultures change by innovation,and by contact with other people.Economic advances or setbacks.Immigration to a new Country.

What is sentence for migration?

In the winter the bear went into a cave untill the winter was over, thats called migration.

How has migration patterns changed over the past 10 years?

Migration patterns have been influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, political instability, and climate change. In the past 10 years, there has been a rise in forced migration due to conflicts and environmental disasters. Additionally, there has been an increase in internal migration within countries as people move from rural to urban areas in search of better opportunities.

What is Altitudinal migration?

Altitudinal migration is a type of seasonal movement where animals move to higher or lower elevations in response to changing environmental conditions, usually related to changes in temperature and food availability. This type of migration is common among some bird species and helps them avoid harsh weather conditions in winter or find better breeding grounds in summer.

What process causes behavior pattern to change over generations as a result of reproductive success?

change through natural selection

Where did Jewish migration take place?

All over the world.

What does natural change mean?

Natural change refers to changes that occur in a population due to factors such as births and deaths, without the influence of migration. It is calculated by subtracting the number of deaths from the number of births in a given population over a specified period of time.

What causes culture to change?

Culture can change due to a variety of factors such as technological advancements, globalization, migration, interactions with other cultures, social movements, and generational shifts. These influences can lead to the introduction of new ideas, beliefs, practices, and values that gradually shape and reshape the culture over time.